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The Guardian:

Countries should move from coal to renewable energy without shifting to gas as a “transition” fuel to save money, as high gas prices and market volatility have made the fossil fuel an expensive option, analysis has found.

Natural gas has long been touted as a “transition” fuel for economies dependent on coal for their power needs, as it has lower carbon dioxide emissions than coal but requires similar centralised infrastructure, and gas-fired power stations take only a couple of years to build. Earlier this year, before Russia invaded Ukraine, the European Commission angered green campaigners by including gas as a “bridge” to clean energy in its guidebook for green investment.

High prices for gas, and the plummeting cost of renewable energies such as wind and solar power, have reversed that logic, according to analysis from TransitionZero. The cost of switching from coal to renewable energy has plunged by 99% since 2010, according to its report published on Tuesday.

The findings call into question the economic viability of the scores of gas and coal-fired power plants that are planned or under construction around the world. About 615GW of new gas plants, and 442GW of new coal-fired power stations, are planned for construction globally, according to the analysis.

[Fiona Harvey]

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