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Energy Storage News:

Clean energy solutions provider Ameresco has contracted with California investor-owned utility Southern California Edison (SCE) to deliver battery energy storage systems (BESS) totalling 537.5MW of output and 2,150MWh.

Ameresco said yesterday that this comprises three separate four-hour duration BESS projects, each connected to a distribution network substation pocket and designed to mitigate the well-documented electricity system reliability problems that continue to plague much of California.

The shortfall of electricity supply that the state suffers is particularly acute at peak times during summers of heat waves, wild fire risks and other extreme weather or climate related events.

It recently led governor Gavin Newsom to declare an emergency and enact legislation to expedite the coming of renewable energy and energy storage resources onto the grid, with his administration pointing in April to a potential 5GW of shortfall next summer.

Within that context, Ameresco has signed engineering, procurement, construction and maintenance (EPCM) contracts with SCE for the three BESS projects, to serve the Southern California communities in and around the San Joaquin Valley, Rancho Cucamonga and Long Beach areas.

[Andy Colthorpe]

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