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St. Louis Post-Dispatch:

For the second time in about four months, Ameren has announced plans to acquire a new facility that would become its largest-ever solar farm — another project that will far exceed the scale of the utility’s relatively modest solar installations in service to date.

The growing list of progressively larger solar projects comes as the St. Louis-based electric utility aims to ramp up renewable power generation, with plans to ultimately invest billions in clean energy over the next couple of decades.

Ameren said Monday that the newly planned Huck Finn Solar Project, with a capacity of 200 megawatts, will be 25 times larger than any existing solar facility in Missouri. It will be capable of powering approximately 40,000 homes and could be operational by 2024.

The project will be built on the border of Audrain and Ralls counties, roughly a two-hour drive northwest of St. Louis. Ameren said the location was chosen for a variety of reasons, including its convenient access to transmission lines.

Ameren chose developer EDF Renewables, a French-owned company, to build the farm.

It is a “step-change for solar generation in Missouri,” Ameren said in a release.

[Bryce Gray]

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