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Renew Economy:

Alinta is planning to build a huge 1 gigawatt offshore wind farm to tap into Australia’s main grid – the first major utility in the country to make such a commitment – as part of a massive spending spree on renewables and storage.

CEO Jeff Dimery says Alinta is also poised to announce the first big wind farm to be built in the Pilbara in north west Australia – possibly around 300MW – to help meet growing demand by industrial customers in the region for low and zero carbon energy supplies.

The revelations were made in an interview on RenewEconomy’ weekly podcast, Energy Insiders, where Dimery also spoke of the opportunities in pumped hydro, and battery storage, and commented on the introduction of 5-minute settlements and the failure to agree on na capacity mechanism the company favours.

But the big news is the planned 1GW “plus” offshore wind project, which will likely form a centrepiece of a planned $6 billion investment in renewables and storage. Dimery said he couldn’t reveal any details about either the location or the major customer, because the final agreement had yet to be signed.

[Giles Parkinson]

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