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Aldi becomes first Australia retailer to use 100% renewable energy

June 16, 2021

Renew Economy:

Aldi Australia says it has hit the target of powering all of its operations with 100 per cent renewable electricity six months ahead of schedule, marking a national first for major supermarkets and setting a cracking pace for the rest of corporate Australia.

The Australian arm of the German supermarket chain said on Tuesday that it had achieved the milestone this month, putting it well ahead of the targeted end-of-2021 deadline, which the company set for itself in August of last year.

The achievement – notched up through a mix of on-site solar, wind farm off-take deals and renewable energy certificate purchases – makes Aldi the first supermarket chain in Australia to have all offices, stores and warehouses powered entirely by renewables, and cuts its carbon footprint by 85 per cent.

And that is no small achievement, considering Aldi is the 67th biggest user of electricity in Australia, with 555 stores and eight distribution centres nationwide.

[Sophie Vorrath]

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