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US utility AES is accelerating the shutdown of 1,097MW of coal-fired power generating units in Chile, in line with the greening of its corporate strategy and the country’s decarbonization plan.

Ventanas units 3 and 4 in the central coastal city of Puchuncavi and Angamos 1 and 2 in the northern port city of Mejillones will be available for decommissioning on 1 January 2025, AES Andes said today.

The four units represent 20pc of Chile’s coal-fired generating capacity.

AES Andes has already requested the retirement of Ventanas 1 and 2, which have a combined capacity of 322MW.

The shutdowns stem from a 2019 voluntary decarbonization agreement between Chile’s largest generators and the government of President Sebastian Piñera.

[Patricia Garip]

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