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Acknowledgment of hydrogen challenges necessary before large-scale switch from LNG

July 15, 2021

LNG Journal: 

The US-based Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA) has condemned a report in the “Financial Times” newspaper on experimental hydrogen as a fuel to replace LNG and conventional natural gas as an exaggeration that will be paid for by the poorest people in society, will cost tens of billions of dollars and ignores hydrogen’s explosiveness and the difficulties of compressing or transporting the fuel.

The author of the IEEFA article, Arjun Flora, is the director of the body’s energy finance studies in Europe, and he issued a statement opposing the whole tenor of the FT opinion piece signed by Marco Alverà, Chief Executive of the Italian natural gas grid operator Snam.

“Alverà extols the virtues of hydrogen as an energy source,” stated Flora.

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