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Adani Coal Port in Australia at Risk of Becoming a Stranded Asset

Economic Times of India:

Adani group’s Abbot Point Coal Terminal in Australia faces the risk of becoming a stranded asset if its proposed Carmichael mine fails to get 1 billion Australian dollar (AUD) subsidy, according to a report by US- based institute IEEFA.

The Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA), which conducts research and analyses on financial and economic issues related to energy and environment, has found that Adanis’ Abbot Point Coal Terminal (AAPCT) is excessively leveraged and promises negative shareholders equity.

The Abbot Point terminal, IEEFA said, also “runs the risk of becoming a stranded asset if Adani’s proposed Carmichael mine does not get the AUD 1 billion Australian taxpayer subsidy it seeks.”

The IEEFA further said the analysis finds more broadly that “Adani’s entire AUD 3.5 billion debt-funded investment in Australia is at grave risk.”

Currently operating at just over 50 per cent capacity, the AAPCT needs the Carmichael mine to fill the gap created as its current take-or-pay contracts progressively expire.

“Securing this refinancing is going to be a real challenge, not the least because the port value has been tied to the success of the Carmichael coal mine proposal which is itself yet to secure funding and which the big four Australian banks have refused to touch,” Tim Buckley, lead author of the report and IEEFA’s director of energy finance studies, Australasia.

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