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Wyoming editorial: Trump bailout looks backward; it’s time to move forward

Casper Star-Tribune:

Coal powers homes throughout the nation, and it helps fuel Wyoming’s economy. For many, it keeps the lights on in more ways than one.

When coal busted in 2015, Wyomingites were among those hit hardest in the nation. And though things are starting to look up for the industry, the golden days of coal are likely over.

But instead of looking to coal’s new future, the Trump administration is seeking to prop up its past.

As Wyoming politicians are fond of saying, it isn’t the job of the federal government to pick winners and losers in business. If the Trump administration eliminates subsidies for renewable energies, or dismantles the Clean Power Plan in order to reduce some of the regulatory burden on the industry, that’s one way to deliver on campaign promises.

But this bailout is going too far.

Coal’s place in the energy sector has changed. Investing in our past will only shortchange us in the future.

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