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West Virginia Utility CEO Acknowledges Demand for Renewables

Associated Press:

New Appalachian Power Co. President Chris Beam says the utility doesn’t plan to build coal plants anytime soon and that electricity from renewable energy sources is what potential business customers want.

Beam is a Wheeling native who understands the role of coal in West Virginia’s economy and culture. He said Appalachian Power still relies on large coal-fired plants, yet historic changes in the electric power industry are occurring nationwide.

Appalachian Power currently uses coal for more than 60 percent of its electricity generation. By 2020, the company anticipates that to be down to about half.

Beam said potential power customers that Appalachian Power would like to lure to the state make it clear they want their electricity generated solely from renewable sources.

“At the end of the day, West Virginia may not require us to be clean, but our customers are,” Beam said. “So if we want to bring in those jobs, and those are good jobs, those are good-paying jobs that support our universities because they hire our engineers, they have requirements now, and we have to be mindful of what our customers want.”

Appalachian Power Co. Chief Looks To Renewable Energy

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