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U.S. Renewable Generation Surpasses Nuclear for the First Time


For the first time since July 1984, utility-scale renewable electric generation in April surpassed nuclear power generation, according to the June release of Electric Power Monthly data from the U.S. Energy Information Administration. Renewable resources produced more power than U.S. nuclear plants again in May.

Nuclear generation exceeded renewables by 1% in March, however, renewable generation exceed nuclear by 11% in April and 4% in May, according to the EIA report. The report showed 63,209 GWh of utility-scale renewable electric generation in April compared to 56,743 GWh produced from nuclear plants.

Utility-scale renewable electric generation in April included 46% from conventional hydro generation and 40% of wind generation. In May conventional hydro generation’s share increased to 50% whereas wind generation dropped to 35%. Above-normal winter precipitation in the Pacific Northwest and California contributed to the increase in conventional hydro generation. During spring and fall months nuclear plants usually undergo maintenance and refueling when overall electricity demand is lower than in summer or winter.

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