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U.S. coal generation continues its downward trend

S&P Global Market Intelligence ($):

Natural gas accounted for roughly a third of U.S. power generation in June and the first half of the year.

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration’s latest “Electric Power Monthly” released Aug. 24, utility-scale generation net of hydroelectric pumped storage increased 3.8% year over year in June to 371.7 million MWh.

Over the same period, gas-fired generation climbed 12.0% to 130.0 million MWh, accounting for 35.0% of the net total. Meanwhile, coal-fired generation declined 5.7% versus the prior-year period to 101.6 million MWh, to account for 27.3% of the nation’s electricity.

Renewable output climbed 5.3% year over year to 66.3 million MWh as growth among renewable resources was mixed.

Year to date through June, utility-scale generation climbed 4.5% to 2.01 billion MWh, with coal supplying 26.9% of the nation’s power and natural gas at a 32.5% share. So far, renewable generation has supplied 19.3% of the nation’s power, compared with 19.6% a year earlier.

Over the same period, coal-fired generation declined 5.6% year over year to 541.9 million MWh, while gas-fired generation climbed 15.8% to 655.4 million MWh. Meanwhile, renewable generation grew 2.9% to 388.0 million MWh.

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