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U.S. Bailout Proposal Gets Coal Lobby’s Support, and a Thumbs Down From Everyone Else

Washington Examiner:

The coal and nuclear industries made a big, last-minute sell on why the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission should approve a proposed rule from Energy Secretary Rick Perry that would prop them up, as the comment period on the proposal ended at midnight.

The coal groups argue that FERC must employ its Federal Power Act section 206 authority on guarding against unfair rates by approving the rules, explaining that renewable energy and other generators have gained unfair advantages that forced many nuclear and coal generators to retire.

A broad coalition of energy groups that includes everyone from the oil and natural gas industry to solar and wind is standing firmly against the Perry plan.

Major trade associations held a call Tuesday morning with reporters calling it “wrong-headed” and completely unneeded.

A solution without a problem: The coalition argued in its comments that “there is substantial evidence showing that electric systems that lack, or are transitioning to lesser reliance on, coal and nuclear resources are nonetheless operated in a manner that is both reliable and resilient.” Furthermore, any “outages caused by disruptions of fuel supply to generators appear to be virtually nonexistent.”

Grid operator gives a big thumbs down: PJM Interconnection, which operates the largest of the FERC-overseen power markets, says the Perry plan is unnecessary.

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