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Trump Admin Desperate to Keep Coal Power Plant Alive With Taxpayer Dollars

Clean Technica:

Among other things working NGS has against it, the plant requires at least $100 million in deferred maintenance and upgrades, according to Evelyn Nieves, a writer for Sierra, the national magazine of the Sierra Club. “The coal industry remains in a long-term decline. This is as true in Indian Country as it is in the United States as a whole,” she writes.

For those who think the $50 million or so the Navajo Nation derives from the NGS operation is a big deal, perhaps a few statistics will change your mind. Today, more than 4 decades after the Navajo Generating Station came online, about 40% of Navajo Nation members don’t have access to running water in their homes. And even though the NGS has been the engine that has been driving economic growth in the American Southwest from Las Vegas to Tucson, 32% of the homes on the Navajo Nation reservation still don’t have electricity. The Clean Air Task Force estimates that pollution from the Navajo Generating Station results in annual health costs of more than $127 million.

“We don’t even have the basic necessities that people across the United States and certainly down in southern Arizona have,” says Jihan Gearon. “Our whole economy is stagnant because of the coal industry. That has made us economically dependent on our own cultural destruction.”

Trump Admin Desperate to Keep Coal Power Plant Alive With Taxpayer Dollars

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