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Report: Natural Gas and Renewables Will Account for All Generation-Capacity Additions in the U.S. This Year

S&P Global Market Intelligence:

2018 will see 42,499 MW of net generation capacity added to the U.S. electric grid, according to S&P Global Market Intelligence data. As of Jan. 10, 11,573 MW of operating capacity was scheduled to retire in 2018, while units expected to come online in 2018 totaled 54,072 MW. Another 2,686 MW of existing capacity is scheduled to undergo fuel conversions.

Most of the retiring capacity is coal-fired, at 8,642 MW. This figure only includes retirements that have already received approval from regulatory bodies. During 2017, companies announced plans to retire 16,320 MW of coal-fired capacity, though nearly half that amount has yet to receive regulatory approval.

Capacity additions are led by gas, at 24,367 MW. Another 2,686 MW of existing capacity is scheduled to be converted to natural gas operations.

Renewable and gas-fired capacity combine for the vast majority of scheduled capacity additions. Renewable additions sum to 29,474 MW, 70% of which are wind. Two wind projects have already brought phases online in 2018.

The largest wind project under construction is the 600-MW Rush Creek Wind Farm, which is owned by Xcel Energy Inc. and located in Elbert County, Colo.

Solar accounts for 15% of scheduled 2018 renewable additions, totaling 7,894 MW.

Companies plan to bring 24,367 MW of gas-fired capacity online in 2018, accounting for 45% of all scheduled additions for the year.

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