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Renewables Is About Jobs and Growth

Fifth Estate (Australia):

According to Tim Buckley, director of Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis, and with a background that includes 16 years as head of equity research for Citigroup, South Australia is ranked as one of the world’s top regions for variable renewable energy.

And renewables are creating the all-important jobs. Just one deal announced in South Australia on Thursday, Sonnen’s new battery plant, would create 450 jobs.

In Queensland, 3000 jobs have been created in renewables in the past two years alone.

Some people say the jobs are short term, he says. “What, are they fake jobs? You get skilled up, you build more.

“There are now more projects you can poke a stick at.”

What’s driven the jobs is the state government’s renewable energy target.

Australia will be investing billions of dollars forever in new renewable energy infrastructure, he says.

“There are billions of investment underway now.”

If it’s all about jobs and growth, then this is where the action is.

For a political party trying to win votes, it’s not a bad strategy to have.

Even more encouraging is that globally coal is on the nose. Including with our number one coal buying customer, Japan, whose government has signalled it’s going renewable. So has South Korea, our third biggest coal customer. And so on.

Tim Buckley Says Renewables Is About Jobs and Growth


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