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Protests Against Virginia Pipeline

The Roanoke Daily Herald:

Setting off from the Virginia-North Carolina state line, activists marched south Saturday afternoon to protest the proposed natural gas pipeline.

The North Carolina Alliance to Protect Our People And The Places We Live, or APPPL, organized a walk along the proposed 205 mile route of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline in North Carolina. Walkers began on U.S. 301 by the state line and marched eight miles south to Garysburg, and some will continue to march until March 18 when, about 217 miles later, the protest-walk ends.

Called “The Walk To Protect Our People And The Places We Live (Stop The Pipeline),” it drew 30 to 50 people Saturday afternoon. The crowd was a mix of Northampton and Halifax county residents, along with other activists from across the state.

Halifax County resident and retired chemist Reggie Pender said he was there to express his concern.

“I’m marching hopefully to let the powers that be know that we’re not just going to roll over and accept whatever happens,” he said. “I’m concerned with the environment, I’m concerned with property values and I’m concerned with possible health affects.”

Another Roanoke Valley resident, Concerned Citizens of Tillery Executive Director Gary Grant, was up front during the march leading the way. He said the pipeline is typical of large corporations that always pick on those considered to be weak and have no power.

“The pipeline is scheduled to go through primarily African-American communities and poor communities,” he said.

A number of activists were from outside the Roanoke Valley, and Grant said that showed the statewide concern over the pipeline.

“We’re not talking about something that’s going to stop in Northampton and Halifax (counties),” he said. “We’re talking about something that is going to run 200 miles, the corridor of Highway 301. And not only running the corridor, there will be branches off. So many, many people are going to be impacted by this.”

Marchers protest the pipeline

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