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IEEFA Europe: The Cost of Wind-Powered Electricity Is Dropping

IEEFA Europe: The Cost of Wind-Powered Electricity Is Dropping

Trend in Onshore Pricing in Spanish, German Auctions Follows What’s Happening Offshore as Well

Onshore wind auctions in Spain and Germany last week confirmed the trend in the falling cost of renewables in Europe. The trend is being driven by a shift to auctions that are doing a better job of revealing the true cost of generation than former feed-in tariff schemes. Auctions are capturing real cost reductions in […]

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IEEFA Update: Shareholder Vote on Exxon Mobil’s Climate-Risk Transparency Suggests a Larger Opening

Fiduciaries Who Embrace Their Responsibilities Will Look Beyond Fossil Fuels

A shareholder vote today on a proposal that would require Exxon Mobil to be more open about the climate risks facing the company is an exciting moment in activist-investor history. Mainstream institutional investors are joining with climate activists in a call for more truth in how Exxon Mobil manages—or mismanages—climate risk. Shareholders are asking specifically […]

IEEFA Asia: More Evidence of Stark Change in Seaborne Thermal Coal Markets

A ‘JKT’ Triad—Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan—Sets a 21st Century Course for Clean Energy; Expect Further Transformation in the Next Year or Two

Word out today that Taiwan has attracted $60 billion in foreign capital commitments to renewable-energy projects adds to the fast-gathering momentum around the electricity sector transition taking deep root across Asia. An excerpt from the article posted this afternoon by Nikkei Asia Review: Global renewable energy companies are rushing to set up offshore wind farms […]

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IEEFA Energy-Swamp Watch: Discord Within the Fossil-Fuel Industry Over What to Do Now

Wrangling, and Uncertainty, Over the Paris Agreement on Climate Change

The Washington Energy Swamp is becoming a quagmire as arguments bubble up among coal, oil, and gas interests about whether the U.S. should withdraw from the Paris Agreement on Climate Change. With the Trump administration in power, the fossil-fuel industry now has the keys to the kingdom. Yet its giants appear confused and in disarray. […]

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