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IEEFA Extra: How Sustainable Is India’s Solar Boom?

IEEFA Extra: How Sustainable Is India’s Solar Boom?

Momentum Depends Substantially on Strong Policy Leadership

[Editor’s note: This Q&A is condensed from the original, which appeared today on IndiaSpend, a data-journalism project of The Spending & Policy Research Foundation in Mumbai] Q: What is causing the cost of solar-cell technology to drop so drastically and how much of a contributor is this to the drop in price of solar power? […]

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IEEFA Update: The Truths Not Everybody Wants to Hear

The Wind Industry Is Creating Jobs; ‘Clean Coal’ Is a Myth; Change Is Happening Now

Wyoming doesn’t have much of a wind-energy workforce. But isn’t that a good problem to have? It means that as the state’s budding wind industry is creating jobs, bringing new money is coming into a struggling region, and offering some much-need diversification to a longtime one- or two-note economy. What it doesn’t mean is that […]

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IEEFA Europe: The Carbon-Capture Dream Is Dying

IEEFA Europe: The Carbon-Capture Dream Is Dying

As Engie and Uniper Walk Away From a Demonstration Project, the Outlook for ‘Clean Coal’ Generation Is Bleak

The collapse of a Dutch “clean coal” power project has ended near-term prospects for carbon capture and storage (CCS) in European power generation. That leaves proponents of the technology having to turn instead to smaller, industrial applications. And while CCS may make sense on a more limited scale, big problems remain there too. The complicated […]

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IEEFA Op-Ed: The World Is Watching as the Biggest Utility in the Second Most Populous Country Shifts Gears

India's National Thermal Power Corporation Emerges as a Transition Cornerstone

A Morgan Stanley downgrade this month of the Indian utilities industry highlights how renewable energy is becoming so cheap that thermal power, mostly coal, is no longer competitive. This is a highly significant market signal likely to be accompanied by further growth in the already impressive number of high-caliber international investors moving into India’s renewables […]

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