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IEEFA Update: Lacking Customers, PacRim Bails Out of Its Alaska Coal Project

A New Mine on Cook Inlet Was as Crazy as It Sounded

Word out of Alaska this morning that investors have pulled out of the proposed Chuitna Coal Project near Alaska’s Cook Inlet was presaged by the fast-moving global transition in electricity generation. Research we published two years ago—and that we outlined in an August 2015 letter to the Alaska Department of Natural Resources—pointed to where Delaware-based […]

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IEEFA Indonesia: Shifting Regulatory Landscape Makes Coal-Fired Plants Riskier to Finance

Rule Changes That Undermine Traditional Guarantees to Developers

In the fast-evolving regulatory landscape of the Indonesian power sector, it’s hard to say for sure how changes will affect developers, investors and lenders. The trends are instructive nonetheless. The state-owned utility, Persero (PLN), which is the sole offtaker for electricity in Indonesia, can now negotiate and re-allocate risks under recently revised rules issued by […]

IEEFA Europe: More Fallout Around the Dutch Coal Stranded-Asset Mistake

Uniper, Engie Make Further Write-Downs in the Netherlands; Plans Proceed Nonetheless in Germany for an Equally Outmoded Project

In “The Dutch Coal Mistake” report we published late last year we warned of further write-downs to come from the extraordinary commissioning of three brand-new coal power plants in the Netherlands in 2015. That report spoke directly to the Dutch gaffe but raised broader questions about investing in new coal-powered generation anywhere in Europe. The […]

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IEEFA Press Release: ‘Zero Employment Impact’ In Trump Administration’s New Energy Policies

Decline of U.S. Coal Industry Will Continue; Production Will Drop; Investors Will Jump Ship; Few Gains From Regulatory Relief; Increasingly Dim Employment Prospects

The Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis today dismissed job-production claims that the Trump administration made this week with its rollback of emissions regulations and federal mining policies. Tom Sanzillo, IEEFA’s director of finance, said the coal industry especially remains unlikely to recover, regardless of what the administration does. “Market forces overwhelmingly favor natural gas-fired electricity […]

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