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IEEFA Update: U.K. Biomass-Fueled Electricity Generation Appears Not to Be the Answer

Regulators Are Catching Up With Wood-Burning Power Plants

Growing doubts around the merit of burning wood and other solid biomass as a large-scale solution for cutting carbon emissions from power generation may see the renewable fuel dumped —in the same way diesel and liquid biofuels have lost favor as” low-carbon solutions” in transport. Burning biomass to generate electricity is supported by some in […]

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IEEFA Update: The Puerto Rico Electricity ‘Privatization’ Discussion Is a Distraction

Turning PREPA Over to Outside Money Men Will Solve Nothing

Should the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority be privatized? That question, being kicked around in the wake of the collapse of the island’s grid, is serving mostly as a distraction from two fundamental challenges that hobbled Puerto Rico before Hurricane Maria and that continue to cripple it in the aftermath of the storm: (1) The […]

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IEEFA Update: Puerto Rico’s Solution—a Microgrid System Supported by Solar Energy

Key to This Modernization Will be Substantial Reduction If Not the Outright Elimination of PREPA's Legacy Debt

In the lingering aftermath of Hurricane Maria, the flaws in Puerto Rico’s electric system are apparent. First among them is an island-wide system designed with the bulk of its power plants located along the southern coast of the island while the majority of the population lives along the north shore. Electricity delivery has been historically […]

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IEEFA Update: Beijing May Intercede to Save Adani’s Australian Coal Project

A Deal May in the Works With China Machinery Engineering Corp., the Export-Import Bank of China and the China Construction Bank

Struggling to secure financing for is Carmichael mine-and-coal project, Adani is now exploring the possibility of sponsorship by Chinese state-owned enterprises. According to various sources, the state-owned China Machinery Engineering Corporation (CMEC) appears to be the leading contender for engineering, procurement and construction contracts for key parts of the proposed Carmichael mine and/or rail projects. […]

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