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IEEFA update: Coal is failing to bring relief to Bangladesh’s electricity system

Delayed projects and fossil fuel import burden means renewable energy is the nation’s best route towards energy sustainability

SYDNEY – The financial results set out in the Bangladesh Power Development Board’s (BPDB) recently published annual report 2017-18 are troubling. The Power Development Board sits under the Ministry of Power, Energy and Mineral Resources and is responsible for the planning and development of Bangladesh’s power infrastructure as well as the majority of the nation’s […]

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IEEFA Puerto Rico: PREPA keeps relying on expensive consultants

Instead of building up its own staff expertise on key continuing issues

So far, the limited use and short shelf life of Puerto Rico’s bevy of high-cost consultants has not contributed to solving its energy and finance problems.  As a prime example, the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority’s (PREPA) overreliance on outside advisors continues to undercut its ability to invest in the people needed in Puerto Rico […]

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IEEFA U.K.: Local public pension assets tread water, driving fund managers to give infrastructure a closer look

An often-neglected and increasingly attractive asset class that includes renewables

LONDON — Local government pension schemes representing more than five million public sector workers saw asset values nudge up last year, trailing bumper stock market growth the year before, as some prepared to shift assets into infrastructure under a government plan to help them invest more in roads, bridges and renewable energy projects. Collectively, local […]

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IEEFA update: Norway moves to invest in unlisted renewable energy

When the world’s biggest fund speaks, the markets listen

Norway’s pension fund, the Government Pension Fund Global (GPFG), has launched a modest investment initiative in unlisted renewable energy infrastructure. And the truth is, when GPFG, the world’s largest sovereign wealth fund, makes a modest investment, it is anything but modest. GPFG, worth more than $1 trillion, has historically strayed only infrequently from a conservative […]

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