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IEEFA Update: Australia’s National Natural-Gas Scandal

An Oligopoly Profiting at the Expense of Businesses, Households, and Industry

The alleged gas “crisis” in Australia is patently not about supply. It is about systematic abuse by a handful of gas oligarchs to reap giant profits and rig prices. The creation of such a “crisis” is as politically convenient for politicians as it is economically and financially advantageous for the handful of companies running this […]

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IEEFA Update: Politics Is the Main Barrier to Solar Energy Independence in Puerto Rico and

IEEFA Update: Politics Is the Main Barrier to Solar Energy Independence in Puerto Rico

Tesla Inc.’s interest in turning Puerto Rico into a renewable-energy powerhouse is in its infancy, but the company’s experience with solar is not. The core challenges to bringing a sun-powered electricity-grid to the island are not in the technical constraints but in the political ones—the government’s historic tolerance for innovation and modernization is well known. […]

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IEEFA Update: Netherlands, in New Program to Close All Coal-Fired Generation by 2030, Sends European Energy Markets a Sharp Signal

Phase-out Plans Combined With the Rise of Renewables and the Impact of Improved Efficiency Put Old Electricity-Production Models at Risk

In announcing plans to shut all coal-fired power plants by 2030,  the new government of the Netherlands sent a dramatic signal to electricity markets today that no investment in coal-fired power in Europe is safe. The Dutch statement is especially significant given that the Netherlands itself has only recently commissioned three of Europe’s newest coal-fired […]

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IEEFA Update: Trump Says Eliminate Puerto Rico’s Debt: We Agree

Liability Must Be Apportioned Too, and Criminal Action Must Result

President Trump, who knows a thing or two about bankruptcy, says Puerto Rico’s public debt should be wiped out. We agree. The commonwealth owes bondholders somewhere on the order of $70 billion, with most of that debt tied to general-obligation bonds, revenue bonds and bonds issued by the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority (PREPA). Ahead […]

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