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IEEFA Update: Wonder Where Electricity-Generation Markets Are Going? Follow the Money

The Renewables Sector Is No Longer the Experimental Space It Was

“Coal is dead,” Jim Barry, the global head of BlackRock‘s infrastructure investment group, said in a recent interview with the Australian Financial Review. “Anyone who’s looking to take beyond a 10-year view on coal is gambling very significantly,” Barry told the AFR for an article that is notable not just for what it says but […]

IEEFA Update: Two Sets of Data Tell the Same Tale: U.S. Coal Industry Continues to Shed Jobs and

IEEFA Update: Two Sets of Data Tell the Same Tale: U.S. Coal Industry Continues to Shed Jobs

Transition in Local and Regional Energy Economies Calls for a Strategy to Promote Growth, Replace Jobs and Sustain Fiscal Budgets

In a research report we published in January, we explained how the U.S. coal industry will very likely continue its overall decline in a trend that will be accompanied by both employment and market volatility. A passage from that report (“Short-Term Gains Muted by Prevailing Weaknesses in Fundamentals”): “Some mine openings and some attendant hirings […]

IEEFA Australia: Adani’s ‘Pit-to-Plug Strategy’ Is Fraying at Both Ends

‘Defer, Delay and Pray’ Appear to Be the Unspoken New Watchwords for the Company That Would Build the Carmichael Coal Project

Gautam Adani, the chairman of the Indian conglomerate Adani Group, has long argued that the Carmichael coal proposal in the Galilee Basin of Australia is a key part of his company’s “integrated pit-to-plug strategy.” The Adani logic for the Carmichael project assumes that the traded price of seaborne thermal coal is irrelevant to the commercial […]

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IEEFA Update: Climate Risk, the Oil Industry, ExxonMobil, Rex Tillerson …

The Energy-Policy Story Is Snowballing

President Trump’s flamboyant withdrawal from the Paris Agreement dealt a reputational and economic blow to the U.S., where energy policy is becoming a bigger story than ever. A major but not entirely unrelated subplot is emerging out of an angry-shareholder vote demanding  that ExxonMobil, the biggest oil company in the world, show more accountability in how it […]

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