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Op-Ed: Ohio Governor’s Embrace of Renewables Can Be Replicated in Wisconsin

Josh Zepnick for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

Ohio Gov. John Kasich recently vetoed a bill that would have made statewide renewable and energy efficiency standards in Ohio voluntary for the next two years.

Kasich understands that businesses that are the future of Ohio are committed to renewable energy. It is better for all sectors of the economy to keep money circulating in the Ohio economy rather than exporting those funds to other states, or nations, in order to purchase fossil fuels.

What Kasich said in Ohio and what the majority of Wisconsin agrees with is simple: Climate change is a reality, and clean energy is good for the Earth, lowers government spending and creates good jobs.

In Wisconsin, we have a simple common sense goal that requires 10% of the electricity consumed in our state be derived from renewable resources: wind, solar, biomass. We know that clean energy is a win-win and provides us with a healthier planet, more affordable utility bills and good paying jobs.

This sector of our economy has created nearly 25,000 jobs and generated more than $5.9 billion in investments. Nationwide, state commitments to renewable energy have created 200,000 American jobs, $20 billion of investment, $7.5 billion a year in environmental benefits from reduced air pollution, and up to $4.9 billion in consumer savings from lower energy prices. The good news is this is a sector of our economy with room to grow.

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