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Omaha utility proposing faster shift from coal to renewables

Associated Press:

Omaha Public Power District is proposing more aggressive environmental goals to get electricity from renewable sources and natural gas.

The electric utility’s board may vote next week on a new set of goals that would accelerate its shift away from coal to other power sources, the Omaha World-Herald reported. The utility is considering a policy change that would reduce the amount of carbon released while producing each megawatt of electricity for ratepayers.

The change could increase the pace at which OPPD adopts wind and solar power projects with private providers, said Craig Moody, a utility board member who supports the proposed approach to environmental stewardship.

The move would break from the utility’s approach since 2015, which focused on generating a certain percentage of local electricity from renewable sources.

The draft policy calls for a 20 percent reduction in “carbon intensity” levels from 2010 to 2030. Choosing 2010 instead of 2017 for the baseline year for progress would require more carbon reductions. In 2010, the utility still operated Fort Calhoun Nuclear Station, a carbon-free source of energy that has since shuttered.

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