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News highlights from India’s solar industry 2019

Mercom India:

After 72 years of attaining independence, Leh and Kargil are finally connected to the national electricity grid.

The demand for electricity in India is expected to continue its rise along with economic growth. But India’s grid infrastructure is not keeping pace with power generation additions, making micro and mini grids an important piece of the energy puzzle, especially in rural areas and regions where the grid has not reached the population. This is an in-depth study by Mercom.

India will need an investment to the tune of $60-80 billion over the next five years in grid infrastructure to accommodate its tremendous growth in renewable energy capacity, said a brief note published by the Institute of Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA).

India’s solar market is on a roll with over 24 GW of large-scale solar PV capacity installed in the country as of December 2018. According to Mercom India Research, over 13 GW of large-scale solar projects were auctioned and awarded in 2018, nearly three times more than the 4.5 GW awarded in 2017.

News Highlights from India’s Solar Industry 2019

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