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All of the New Electricity Capacity Brought Online in the U.S. in August Was From Solar or Wind

Arsalan Malik for SNL:

Solar and wind powered all of the new power plants that began operations in August.

A total 20 projects with a combined capacity of 463 MW were added in August, with 55% of the capacity coming from solar projects and 45% coming from wind-powered generators. No new projects were announced in the month.

A single 200 MW wind project being brought online in the Texas Reliability Entity, put that region on the top of the charts, with the most new capacity. Meanwhile a total of 132 MW of solar capacity were added in the Western Electricity Coordinating Council region and 103 MW of solar were added in the SERC Reliability Corporation region.

The largest project completed was the 200 MW Los Vientos 4 Wind located in Starr County, Texas.

The second largest unit was the 77 MW White Oak Solar PV WHTOK unit at the White Oak Solar project. This Burke County, Ga., power plant will sell power to Georgia Power Co. for the next 30 years.

The next three largest units are located at the 100 MW RE Mustang power plant in Kings County, Calif.

Full article (with detailed tables and company participation)($): All capacity brought online in August was powered by solar or wind