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Why the NEG Could Be a ‘Terrible Outcome’ for Renewables in Australia

Clean Technica:

In a webinar hosted by the Australian Solar Council on Friday, ASC chief John Grimes spoke to the former chief of the Clean Energy Finance Corporation, Oliver Yates, and energy industry analyst Tim Buckley, about the implications of the Coalition’s proposed NEG plan, announced early last week.

While noting that the details of the policy proposal remained extremely vague – and were most likely 12 months away from becoming any clearer – each speaker expressed serious concerns that the NEG would fail in all of its key goals, of creating electricity market reliability, sustainability and affordability, while also nobbling the renewable energy industry along the way.

“This (NEG) just continues the farce of the energy policy uncertainty that we’ve seen for the past four years,” said Buckley, the IEEFA’s director of energy finance studies, Australasia.

“It’s not a policy, it’s a way of leaving us in limbo for another year while they debate and put another proposition (that the Coalition’s right wing might support).

“The words and the meaning of energy security seem to be absent from this plan,” Buckley added. “I don’t think a system that is increasingly reliant on coal-fired power is diverse, and I would also challenge the argument that it’s going to deliver affordability for Australians any time soon,” he said.

Why The NEG Could Be A “Terrible Outcome” For Renewables In Australia

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