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Michigan town votes to close local coal plant

Grand Haven Tribune:

In a decision long-awaited by residents, activists and stakeholders, the Grand Haven City Council voted unanimously Monday to authorize the closure of the [80 megawatt] Sims power plant in June 2020.

The resolution authorizes the Board of Light & Power to decommission the coal-burning plant on Harbor Island on the condition that the municipal utility will be capable of generating a majority of electricity locally by June 2023. The resolution also requires that future BLP facilities include the capacity to partner in the support of the city’s downtown snowmelt system.

The new resolution falls in step with the BLP’s latest recommendations to diversify its energy portfolio, and the desire of the public to move away from coal and toward renewable resources.

The BLP’s current plan for power generation, to be finalized in December, entails purchasing a majority of power off the grid and producing power locally when it is the economical option. A 36-megawatt gas engine is being considered for local production, likely to be located at the current Sims plant site on Harbor Island.

Keeping the Sims plant running would have required an overhaul project costing more than $35 million. That was considered the least economical option by Burns & McDonnell.

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