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Legislative Forces in Ohio Revive Their Lost Anti-Renewables Strategy

Cleveland Plain Dealer:

The Republican majority in the Ohio House is moving again to get rid of the state’s renewable energy rules.

The law currently demands that by 2026, 12.5 percent of the power sold must be from renewables. The standards under this proposed legislation would be completely voluntary and there would be no penalties for companies that chose not to sell green power. The bill eliminates all fines since the standards would become voluntary benchmarks. And in 2026, even the voluntary benchmarks would disappear from the law.

In a bill sponsored by a Cincinnati Republican and released late Tuesday, the House would make voluntary the mandates that now require power companies to generate or buy and sell a percentage of power from wind, solar and other renewable technologies.

As originally written in 2008, the mandate was aimed at forcing utilities to help customers reduce consumption through new more efficient technologies, whether in the home or in the factory.

The bill is said to be “fast-tracked,” meaning the House intends to conduct hearings soon and set a vote on the legislation.  The House leadership believes it has a veto-proof majority, meaning it can override a veto by Gov. John Kasich.

Kasich vetoed similar legislation during the Christmas holidays and is expected to veto this bill.  

Ohio GOP lawmakers aim to kill wind, solar mandates, endorse competitive markets

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