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Japan Weighs Shift From Coal and Nuclear


An energy task force advising Japan’s foreign minister has proposed boosting renewable energy and shifting away from coal-fired and nuclear power at home, arguing the country’s energy policies are outdated and undermine its global competitiveness.

The advice comes in a report commissioned by minister Taro Kono, a maverick lawmaker with prime ministerial ambitions, and echoes his own convictions, pitting him against Japan’s powerful Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI). METI urges using coal at home and financing coal-powered projects abroad.

The task force report, presented to Kono on Monday, argues nuclear power has lost economic competitiveness and says the world’s third-biggest economy should cut reliance on atomic energy to as little as possible, and instead boost use of renewables.

“If Japan focuses on renewable energy rooted in its abundant natural resources and reduces dependence on imported fossil fuels and uranium, this will contribute to its energy security and make possible a new domestic economy,” the task force said in the report. “It is obvious that Japan is lagging.”

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