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Industry Intensifies U.S. ‘Clean Coal’ Campaign


A broad coalition of energy industry leaders are urging President Donald Trump and Congress to include carbon capture and sequestration projects and CO2 pipelines in a national infrastructure initiative.

“The expansion of carbon capture from industrial facilities and power plants can enable use of America’s abundant coal, oil and natural gas resources while reducing carbon emissions, promote economic development, protect and create highpaying jobs in energy production, manufacturing and other critical industries, and drive further innovation and cost reductions in carbon capture technology,” they wrote in an April 20 letter to the president on behalf of the Great Plains Institute for Sustainable Development.

The letter was signed by 20 people, including executives from Peabody Energy Corp. and Cloud Peak Energy Inc. and the international president of UMWA. Identical letters were sent to the leadership of the U.S. House and Senate.

The letter also encouraged Trump and Congress to extend and reform the Section 45Q tax credit and to adopt tax-exempt private activity bonds and other financial incentives to support the development of carbon capture technology.

$ Energy groups ask Trump to include CCS projects in infrastructure plan

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