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Indiana Utility Officially Closes Coal Plant

Northwest Indiana Times:

The two coal-fired generators at NIPSCO’s Bailly Generating Station will be shut down permanently Thursday night as part of the power company’s plan to reduce reliance on coal.

The [604 MW] Bailly plant, on 100 acres near the Port of Indiana and the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore, dates to 1962. It became fully operational in 1968.

Bailly will continue to house equipment to ensure transmission of continuous voltage and a gas-fired “peaking unit” used during high-demand periods. But its main role as a coal plant is coming to an end.

The decision to end coal-fired generation at Bailly was part of NIPSCO’s 2016 Integrated Resource Plan, which calls for a 50-percent reduction in the utility’s coal fleet by 2023.

“Bailly was the first step in that plan,” [Director of Communications Nick] Meyer said. The second step would be the planned retirement of two coal-fired units at the Schahfer Generating Station in Wheatfield, where there are four total coal-fired generators. Michigan City also has one. 

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