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In Midst of Arch Coal’s Long Stock Slide, CEO Gets $7.3 Million in 2014 Compensation

Arch 030315Arch Coal President and CEO John Eaves received $7.3 in compensation in 2014, according to public filings, even as the company’s stock price continued its remarkable slide.

Eaves was brought in to turn the company around in April 201; Alpha’s stock price had plunged when he took the helm, but since then has continued to tank, by about 83 percent since Eaves’ arrival.

Excerpts from Dan Lowry’s note yesterday on SNL:

  • “His pay included a $975,000 salary, $2.7 million in stock and stock option awards, almost $3.2 million in non-equity incentive plan compensation along with payment for financial planning services and club membership dues. The non-equity incentive plan compensation consisted of a $1.6 million cash award and $1.5 million in performance unit awards, the Feb. 27 filing showed.”
  • “Arch said it ties its executive compensation to company performance levels to keep interests aligned with stockholders.”
  • “Arch reported a loss of $558.4 million in 2014. In 2014, Arch common stock fell almost 62% and was recently trading at about $1.24 per share.”

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