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‘Hundreds of Millions’ Seen Flowing Into Illinois After Approval of Renewable Energy Expansion Policy

Environmental Defense Fund:

The Illinois Commerce Commission today approved the state’s Long-Term Renewable Resources Procurement Plan (the Plan), which lays out a path for electric utilities to get 25 percent of their power from renewable resources by 2025.

The plan includes incentives and programs to jumpstart Illinois’ development of wind and solar power. It also prioritizes funding for building new projects in the state, which will provide clean energy for years to come. The state’s ambitious 25 percent renewables goal was established by the landmark bipartisan Future Energy Jobs Act, a monumental clean energy development package passed in late 2016.

“Hundreds of millions of investment dollars will soon be flowing into developing clean wind and solar projects that will power Illinois homes and businesses. Not only is Illinois solidifying its place at the forefront of America’s clean energy economy, it’s showing other states how to provide equitable access to renewables,” said Christie Hicks,,manager of Clean Energy Regulatory Implementation, EDF.

Ambitious Plan Solidifies Illinois as Renewable Energy Leader

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