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Georgia’s Hammond Coal Plant Cuts Half Its 140-Employee Work Force

Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

Georgia Power is cutting over half of its work force at a coal-fired plant near Rome even as state regulators have been re-examining some of its operations.

The Atlanta utility said 80 jobs are being eliminated at Plant Hammond, a 63-year-old facility on the Coosa River near Rome.

Georgia Power spokesman John Kraft said the plant, which currently has about 140 workers, will remain in operation but will be used as a reserve plant for “reliability and emergency needs,” with about 60 workers remaining.

The job cuts won’t be through layoffs. Kraft said staff cuts at the plant had already begun and will continue through the year, but will be accomplished mostly by shifting workers to other roles in the company.

Kraft said the action to limit Plant Hammond’s operations and cut its staff was prompted by “economics and market conditions.”

Georgia Power cutting jobs at coal-fired power plant near Rome

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