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GE moving ahead with larger, two-piece wind turbine blades

Windpower Monthly:

GE Renewable Energy has launched a new 5.3MW onshore turbine model with a 158-metre rotor.

GE’s new 5.3MW turbine will offer the same 158-metre rotor as its 4.8MW model. The new model joins the previously unveiled 4.8MW model, with the same rotor, on GE’s Cypress platform.

Its latest iteration will offer a 50% increase in annual energy production over GE’s 3MW platform, the company claimed. The new model will be designed for IEC S class wind speeds and, as with the 2MW and 3MW platforms, use a doubly-fed induction generator. Similar to the 4.8MW, GE’s new turbine will use a two-piece blade design, produced by its Danish subsidiary LM Wind Power.

The new model cements GE as the market leader in both onshore and offshore markets in terms of turbine capacity, following the announcement of a 12MW offshore machine in February.

GE’s onshore wind CEO, Pete McCabe, said: “The prototype Cypress 4.8-158 is currently under production at our Salzbergen facility in Germany and we are looking forward to deploying and commissioning it by the end of the year.

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