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Facebook makes 100%, 2020 renewable energy pledge

Business Insider:

Facebook is determined to make its energy-guzzling data centres more environmentally friendly.

On Tuesday, the Silicon Valley tech giant announced that it has set itself a target of powering its operations with 100% renewable energy “by the end of 2020.” It’s also publicly promising to cut its greenhouse gas emissions 75% over the same timeframe, using 2016 as a base year.

The two goals are a significant new commitment towards green energy for Facebook, building on previous targets and giving it new concrete, measurable goals to work towards.

Tech giants like Facebook, Google, Amazon, and Apple, consume extraordinary quantities of electricity to power their global networks of data centres and infrastructure. These have the capacity to significantly contribute to global greenhouse emissions — though most of the major tech firms have made pledges towards renewable energy with varying levels of specificity.

Facebook previously set itself a goal of 25% renewables by 2015, and 50% by 2018 after that.

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