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Duke Energy Exec: ‘Our Customers Want Solar’

Charlotte Business Journal:

Duke Energy will build three utility-owned and operated solar projects in Kentucky. Construction will start by the end of the summer, and the projects are likely to be online by early 2018, Duke says.

This will be the fourth state in which a Duke regulated utility owns solar farms.

The three Duke Energy Kentucky solar projects are expected to cost $14.8 million, according to state regulators.

The Kentucky Public Service Commission says the three projects are expected to coast a combined $14.8 million.

Jim Henning, president of Duke Energy Ohio and Kentucky, says the timing is right for utility-owned solar in Kentucky.

“The cost of building solar projects has come down significantly in recent years, making it more cost-competitive with other sources of power generation,” he says. “And solar gives us the ability to add power capacity in (smaller) incremental steps – allowing us to match the growing demand for electricity in the region.”

“Our customers want solar, and solar is something we’ve thoroughly studied and prioritized in our long-term planning,” Henning says.

Duke Energy will build three utility-owned solar projects in Kentucky

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