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Duke Energy CEO: Presidents Come, Presidents Go (‘the Only Person Running Duke Energy for 2025, 2030 and 2035 is Duke Energy’)

Charlotte Business Journal:

Duke Energy CEO Lynn Good says despite talk of “reviving the coal industry” in the Trump administration, coal remains economically and environmentally challenged — and Duke won’t change its move away from the fuel.

“We have to look through the changes of administration, the changes in politics and set our vision on where we want our company to be and what strategy we are pursuing,” she told more than 70 attendees during the Hood Hargett Breakfast Club luncheon at The Palm Wednesday. “Our strategy will continue to be to drive carbon out of our business.”

She said the economics of coal “are really challenged” and that it would prove more important than any government position. Referring to public policy, she said, “So when I think about administrations, the only person running Duke Energy for 2025, 2030 and 2035 is Duke Energy.”

And she asserted Duke remains committed to providing more clean energy for customers. She said solar has to be an important part of that. But she also counted the move to natural gas from coal as providing cleaner energy and she said the nuclear, which provides 40% of the power in the Carolinas, needs to remain an important part of the energy mix because it provided base load power without carbon emissions.

Duke Energy CEO doubts coal industry ‘revival’

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