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Denmark Eyes 2030 for Complete Coal Phaseout

Windpower Monthly:

DENMARK—The government has announced plans in its new energy policy to require at least 50% of its energy needs to come from renewable sources by 2030. Danish wind capacity covered 43.4% of the country’s total electricity consumption in 2017.

The Danish Ministry of Energy, Utilities and Climate also unveiled proposals to phase out coal for electricity production by 2030.

The government plans to invest DKK15 billion (€2 billion) to implement its energy policy and DKK4.2 billion (€560 million) out of this will help to ensure the continued development of a number of renewable energy technologies, including wind power. The funds will be allocated during the period 2020-2024.

The ministry set out plans to “harmonize and simplify” its subsidy system for renewable energy technologies. Denmark currently has 35 different types of subsidies and under new plans, these will reduce to between four and six. The average level of direct support for subsidies is expected to go from around DKK0.22/kWh (€0.029/kWh) to DKK0.10/kWh (€0.013/kWh).

The government has also proposed an “ambitious” green reform to “relax” energy taxes for the heating and electricity markets.

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