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Editorial: $200 Million Georgia Wind Farm a ‘Win-Win’

The Telegraph (Macon): The encroachment issue is a thing of the past now. Property owners have been compensated and last week it was announced that Georgia Power is planning to build a 139-megawatt solar generating facility in the encroachment area, an allowable use of the land. The Georgia Public Service Commission approved the project Tuesday. […]

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On the Blogs: A ‘Must-Read’ Article in the Global Financial Press

ThinkProgress: The details of this transition are spelled out in a new, must-read, 4000-word article in the Financial Times, “The Big Green Bang: how renewable energy became unstoppable.” What is most remarkable about the article is that it appears in the Financial Times. The free-market oriented paper is the “most important business read” for the […]

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On the Blogs: A Plan to Electrify All of Europe With a North Sea Wind Network

Ars Tecnhica: The harnessing of energy has never been without projects of monolithic scale. From the Hoover Dam to the Three Gorges—the world’s largest power station—engineers the world over have recognised that with size comes advantages. The trend is clear within the wind power industry too, where the tallest wind turbines now tower up to […]

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Study Shows Millions in Subsidies Required to Keep Navajo Generating Station Open

KNAU: A new study shows keeping the Navajo Generating Station open would require significant subsides from taxpayers or electricity customers. KNAU’s Ryan Heinsius reports. The report was produced by the independent think tank the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis. It estimates it’ll cost more than $400 million to operate NGS through 2019. Keeping […]

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Unexpected Global Momentum Around Renewables

Financial Times: After years of hype and false starts, the shift to clean power has begun to accelerate at a pace that has taken the most experienced experts by surprise. Even leaders in the oil and gas sector have been forced to confront an existential question: will the 21st century be the last one for […]

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Coal Industry’s Assumptions ‘Can Be Rendered Nonsensical Very Quickly’ by Policy Change in China and India

Reuters: Coal exporters may be feeling more comfortable about their future as they see both reasonable demand from Asia’s top importers and prices which appear to be stabilising at levels that allow for decent profits. This renewed optimism was evident at this week’s Coaltrans Asia conference on the Indonesian resort island of Bali, where much […]

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From the Heartland, Republican Pushback Against Trump’s ‘Hastily Developed’ Electricity-Grid Campaign

Reuters: Iowa’s Republican senator on Wednesday raised concerns that U.S. Energy Secretary Rick Perry has commissioned a “hastily developed” study of the reliability of the electric grid that appears “geared to undermine” the wind energy industry. In a letter sent to Perry, Senator Chuck Grassley asked a series of questions about the 60-day study he […]

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On the Blogs: ‘Utility of the Future’ Emerging in U.S. Midwest For the first 100 years of their existence, utility managers and investors slept well at night knowing three truths would ensure consistent profit growth, so long as they provided safe, reliable and affordable service: Demand for electricity would keep increasing Utility revenue would keep growing Few if any competitive pressures existing for electric utilities […]

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Skepticism Over FirstEnergy’s West Virginia Machinations

Exponent-Telegram (Clarksburg, W.V): Back in 2013, when FirstEnergy wanted to have subsidiary Allegheny Energy sell the Harrison Power Station to another subsidiary, Mon Power, we questioned the effect it would have on consumers. That thought is once again on our minds as the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) and the state Public Service Commission (PSC) […]

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IEEFA Asia: India’s Electricity-Sector Transformation Is Happening Now

Utility-Scale Solar Projects Continue to Attract Record Low Bids

The Indian energy market transformation is accelerating under Energy Minister Piyush Goyal’s leadership. The most recent and most persuasive evidence is the collapsing cost of solar electricity—a collapse that has gone beyond anyone’s expectations, and the results are in: solar has won. The global energy market implications are profound. Recent events have given manifest life […]

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