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Grid Executive on Loss of Ohio Nuclear Plants: ‘The Light’s Aren’t Going to Go Out’

Crain’s Cleveland Business: There will be no reliability issues with electricity in Northeast Ohio if the Ohio Legislature refuses to subsidize FirstEnergy Corp.’s nuclear plants in Toledo and Perry — or even if the plants close down. Those aren’t likely words that the Akron-based utility wants to hear as Ohio lawmakers debate whether to enable […]

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Amid ‘Renewables Frenzy,’ Asia to Reach Peak Coal by 2024

Global Trade Review: Asia will reach peak coal in 2024, with a rapid increase in renewable energy investment set to meet the continent’s growing power needs. By 2040, there will be US$10.2tn invested in new power generation capacity worldwide, of which US$4.8tn will be in Asia, data from the New Energy Outlook 2017 report from […]

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Report: Expansion of Renewables Isn’t Undermining U.S. Grid Stability

Utility Dive: The Analysis Group’s research concludes the transition to a cleaner mix of fuels is not harming the reliability of the power grid. The new analysis comes ahead of a similar study the U.S. Department of Energy is expected to release this month, addressing whether clean energy policies are forcing coal and nuclear plants […]

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Recently Shuttered Virginia Coal Plant Is Resuscitated Under New Federal Energy Policy Directive

Newport News Daily Press: Two months after being shut down, Dominion Energy Virginia’s two coal-burning units at the Yorktown power plant have received new life, a life that Dominion and its electric grid manager assure is temporary. Thanks to an emergency order by the Department of Energy, the two coal-burning units will be available to […]

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Analyst: U.S. Coal Industry Must Consolidate

SNL: The coal industry is “too fragmented” to command pricing power and is in need of consolidation, according to a new note from Seaport Global Securities LLC analysts. Analyst Mark Levin wrote in a June 20 note that the industry has “too many suppliers chasing too few tons.” The report cites a recent claim that […]

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Proposed Bailout of Two Power Plants in Ohio Loses Momentum

Columbus Dispatch: A proposal to subsidize two coal-fired power plants is no longer on a fast track and might not pass at all. This is a shift from last month, when House Bill 239 seemed to be moving quickly toward becoming law, despite opposition from consumer and environmental groups. The Ohio House Public Utilities Committee […]

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Report Questions Viability of Carbon-Capture Schemes

SNL: An environmental group has released a report slamming federal and state funding and tax incentives for the development of carbon capture and sequestration, or CCS, technology. The Western Organization of Resource Councils, or WORC, released a report June 20 that examines the various projects to capture and store carbon dioxide emitted by power plants […]

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IEEFA Report: ‘Natural Security’ Argument for Saving 2 Power Plants Is a Red Herring Meant to Distract From an Ohio Valley Electric Bailout

Keeping Kyger Creek and Clifty Creek on Life Support Would Cost Ratepayers $1.4 Billion; Market Conditions Will Continue to Undermine Viability of Aging Coal-Fired Plants; Public Resources Are Better Spent on Investing in Transition; Neither Generator Is Needed for Grid Stability

June 20, 2017  ( – The Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA) today published a research brief questioning a bill in the Ohio legislature that would bail out two failing coal-fired power plants owned by the Ohio Valley Electric Corporation (OVEC) and keep the plants alive at huge expense to ratepayers. The plants […]

Markets Continue to Move Against U.S. Coal

CNN Money: Trump has taken steps to ease the burden on coal country by ripping up environmental rules and pledging to withdraw the United States from the Paris climate accord. But those deregulatory steps do little to offset the mounting long-term challenge that coal faces from cleaner forms of energy, especially solar. By 2040, U.S. […]

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New York Investors Say They Are Planning an $80 Million ‘Clean Coal’ Plant in Wyoming

Casper Start Tribune: A group of investors plans to raise $80 million to build a coal treatment facility in the Powder River Basin that they say would increase the value of local coal. The idea to treat and dry Powder River Basin coal so that it burns hotter and increases in value has been around […]

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