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Report – No Need for New U.S. Coal Ports: Data Shows Oversupply in Capacity

Report – No Need for New U.S. Coal Ports: Data Shows Oversupply in Capacity

No Need for New U.S. Coal Ports: Data Shows Oversupply in Capacity (pdf) By Tom Sanzillo, Director of Finance, IEEFA  

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Op-Ed: A Road to Nowhere

Seattle Times: The reality is that the economic prospects for West Coast coal exports have collapsed. China’s demand for coal, which once seemed limitless, has been falling for three consecutive years. India’s coal imports fell last year and are projected to drop even further as the country increasingly taps domestic coal reserves to fuel its […]

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IEEFA Guest Commentary: Cloud Peak Pulls Back From Once-Ambitious Coal-Export Plans

In Reworking of Pacific Rim Contracts, an Acknowledgement of Market Realities

In another sign of the collapsing prospects for West Coast coal exports, Cloud Peak Energy—one of the largest coal producers in the American West and the best positioned coal exporter in the vast Powder River Basin—recently announced that it had extricated itself from long-term contracts to move coal into Pacific Rim markets. It was a costly retrenchment: the […]

Washington State Rejects Lease Application for U.S. Coal-Export Terminal

Gene Johnson for the Associated Press: Washington’s outgoing public lands commissioner said Tuesday he is refusing to allow the state’s aquatic lands to be used for a major coal-export terminal along the Columbia River. But the company behind the proposal insisted the decision would have no effect on its plans. Millennium Bulk Terminals proposed building […]

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Grassroots Pushback in Washington State on Coal Export-Expansion Efforts

Kirk Johnson and Coral Davenport for the New York Times: The American coal industry, with its billions of dollars and army of lobbyists, has a storied history of muscle and might. But in this northwest corner of Washington, people like Christopher Grannis, a 69-year-old building contractor and stalwart in local civic causes, are standing up […]

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Divestiture Movement, Deepening Distress of Coal Industry, Emerging Battles Over Solar, Overbuilding of Shale Gas Pipelines Highlight IEEFA Energy Finance 2016 Conference in New York City

Panelists From Deutsche Bank, Moody’s, S&P Capital IQ, New York Mayor’s Office, CalSTRS, Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office, Bloomberg New Energy Finance, Norwegian Parliament

COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY, MARCH 14-16; EXPERTS FROM EUROPE, ASIA, AUSTRALIA,  AND THE AMERICAS NEW YORK, Feb. 29, 2016 — The Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA) today announced a 2016 conference lineup that includes leading energy finance experts, industry regulators, institutional investors, activists, market analysts and commentators from around the world. The conference, Energy […]

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Global Trends Continue to Undermine U.S. Coal-Export Schemes

Global Trends Continue to Undermine U.S. Coal-Export Schemes

Markets Will Not Support Expansions and Developments Proposed in Alaska, California and Washington State

The outlook for coal markets off the West Coast of the U.S. continues to weaken. This fast-developing erosion is rooted in a structural, long-term move that makes elaborate coal-export schemes more and more ill advised as coal’s decline deepens. Projects pitched, for example, at Longview, Wash., at the Port of Oakland, and for the Chuitna […]

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Arch Coal’s Troubles Spell Doubt for Washington State Coal-Export Scheme

Melissa Luck for the Longview (Wash.) Daily News: Arch Coal, a minority owner of the firm that wants to build a giant coal export terminal in Longview, appeared to be on the brink of bankruptcy this week as coal prices continued to tumble downward. Opponents of the terminal said the financial trouble could jeopardize the […]

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In Northwest U.S., Desperate Times for U.S. Coal Mean Desperate Port Proposals

It’s a spectacularly atrocious time for U.S. coal companies. Demand for coal domestically is not what it was—and will never be what it was—so producers have cast their gaze abroad, where they hope Asian markets respond as domestic ones fail. It’s a long shot, though, because there’s too much supply and too little demand, and […]

Proposed Northwest Coal Expansions Draw D.C. Press Notice

Proposed Northwest Coal Expansions Draw D.C. Press Notice

Coal-port expansion in the Pacific Northwest is drawing attention in Washington, D.C., notably this morning in a Roll Call article by Tom Curry headlined “Manufacturers Eyeing Fate of NW Coal Export Terminals.” Curry notes resistance to new export facilities from Native Americans and the federal and state government, all of which have raised questions “that will […]

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A Public Waste of Money, Both Public and Private

By Tom Sanzillo The United States doesn’t need any more coal-export ports. We know this because of research we’ve conducted here at IEEFA that appears in a report we published today (here’s the link). The title—and conclusion—of that report? “No Need for New U.S. Coal Ports. Data Shows Oversupply in Capacity.” The facts are obvious […]

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