IEEFA Update: Tamil Nadu Is on a Renewables Roll

Market Gains and Policy Action Drive Expansion

It’s been a few weeks since IEEFA’s publication of our case study of Tamil Nadu, India’s leading state in terms of renewable energy capacity, and developments demand an update already. Wind and solar tenders of 3 additional gigawatts have since been proposed; a 500-megawatt industrial solar park is under development; construction of a 660-megawatt coal […]

IEEFA Update: A Renewable Energy Revolution in Uruguay for All the World to See

Wind and Solar Provided a Record 44 Percent of Total Electricity Generation in January

The latest monthly electricity data out of Uruguay shows wind and solar generation continuing to grow, reaching 44 percent of total generation in January, a new record that surpasses a 42 percent record set in December. Growth in variable renewable power market share in Uruguay has been dramatic, and the country has become a showcase […]

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IEEFA Update: ExxonMobil’s Empty Climate-Risk Report

A Majority of Shareholders Want—and Deserve—More Transparency

Institutional-investor coalitions and shareholder-advocacy groups are deciding their next steps in the push for changes to ExxonMobil’s board as a result of the company’s weak recent climate-risk report. That report—as we describe in a recent investor memo—is defective and largely unresponsive to a resolution from shareholders, led by the office of New York State Comptroller […]

IEEFA Ohio: FirstEnergy’s Failures Require a Fierce Response From Civic Leaders and Elected Officials

IEEFA Ohio: FirstEnergy’s Failures Require a Fierce Response From Civic Leaders and Elected Officials

A Major American Electricity Utility Has No One But Itself to Blame

FirstEnergy’s announcement this week that it will close its two nuclear plants in Ohio, as well as one in Pennsylvania, came as no surprise. The utility has been signaling for many months that it intends to get out of the power-generation business, and it has already closed all but one of its coal-fired power plants […]

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IEEFA Arizona: Perilous Talk of Turning Navajo Generating Station Into a ‘Clean Coal’ Plant

IEEFA Arizona: Perilous Talk of Turning Navajo Generating Station Into a ‘Clean Coal’ Plant

Cautionary Tales from Illinois, Indiana, and Mississippi

The history of coal-gasification experimentation for electricity production doesn’t bode very well for further efforts along those lines. In fact, it serves as a warning, specifically for stakeholders in a well-known aging coal-fired plant now being talked about in some circles as a candidate for just such an experiment. That supposed contender for coal gasification […]

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IEEFA Update: An Effort in Congress to Bail Out the U.S. Coal Industry at Taxpayers’ Expense

A Bill to Ostensibly Enhance National Energy Security Would Actually Benefit Only a Select Few

Having failed to obtain bailouts for failing coal plants and mines by way of policy actions from the U.S. Department of Energy and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, the coal industry has now turned to its friends in Congress. Rep. Larry Bucshon, a Republican from Indiana, is promoting House Bill HR 5270, the Electricity Reliability […]

IEEFA China: A ‘Sea Change’ in Energy Policy

IEEFA China: A ‘Sea Change’ in Energy Policy

More Big Solar and Wind Projects; Fewer Coal Projects of Any Size

Policy change in China is driving a surge in renewable generation, a flattening of carbon dioxide emissions and a downward trend in coal permitting and construction. While coal still dominates China’s electricity-generation sector, air pollution and related public health concerns alongside mounting worries about global climate change have driven renewables—particularly solar and wind generation—to grow […]

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IEEFA Op-Ed: Now Is Not the Time to Roll Back Oversight of Puerto Rico’s Power Company

A Looming Threat to Independent Regulatory Oversight

Members of Congress have rightly expressed concern over Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rosselló’s incessant campaign to steamroll the Puerto Rico Energy Commission, the progressive regulatory body that is seeking responsible modernization of the island’s backward electricity system. Just last week, the Puerto Rico Senate approved a bill that contains the governor’s most recent plan to […]

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IEEFA Update: Renewables and Grid Stability Go Hand in Hand

IEEFA Update: Renewables and Grid Stability Go Hand in Hand

How Wind and Solar Enhance Energy Security

Opponents of renewable energy have sought to use the variability inherent in wind and solar electricity generation to campaign against the ongoing integration of such resources into the U.S. electric grid. Variability was the straw man, for instance, in U.S. Energy Secretary Rick Perry’s failed bid this past winter to secure Federal Energy Regulatory Commission […]

IEEFA Update: The Divestment Movement Gains Steam

A Fast-Growing Issue, Especially for the Coal Sector

Fossil fuel divestment took center stage during a good part of IEEFA’s annual conference last week in New York, with experts and government officials weighing in in detail on the burgeoning movement. Among them: Representatives from both the city and the state of New York, which operate some of the biggest pension funds in the […]

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