IEEFA op-ed: Losses make Indonesian electric company a high-risk bet

Global trends make coal-fired expansion a hard case to sell

In early May, one of Japan’s major insurers, Dai-ichi Life, became the first Japanese financial institution to restrict lending to coal-fired power plants. This news came only days after Allianz, Europe’s largest insurer, announced it would immediately pull its coverage from coal-fired power plants and coal mines, and barely a fortnight after banking giant HSBC […]

IEEFA Update: Indonesia’s Electric Company Gets Its Bond Deal Done, But Investor Risk Remains

How Much Will the Government Be Willing to Subsidize PLN?

Last week was good to PLN, Indonesia’s state owner power company. Despite chaotic emerging bond markets, which had punished the rupiah and pushed yields on Indonesian bonds higher, PLN was able to paddle safely to shore with a successful US$2 billion bond issue. Flexibility was the key to getting the financing done. With guidance from […]

IEEFA Update: How Gas and Oil Companies Are Starting to Look Like the Yellow Pages (Remember Those?)

Nine Lessons: What Fossil-Fuel Executives Can Learn From an Industry’s Failure to Adapt

Will the oil and gas industry go the way of the Yellow Pages? Not immediately. But huge industries can decline faster than anyone might imagine, as seen in the classic and cautionary fall of the Yellow Pages. I know because I was there. As a board member some years ago of the national Yellow Pages […]


IEEFA Op-Ed: Little Chance New Fiscal Recovery Plan for Puerto Rico’s Electric Company Will Succeed

A Weak Economy With Less Demand for Power Is Among the Many Risks

Customers of Puerto Rico’s bankrupt electric utility cannot afford to pay back the utility’s creditors over the next five years without jeopardizing much-needed investment in the rebuilding and resiliency of the island’s power grid. Nor can the utility continue to pay fossil fuel producers exorbitant amounts for oil, coal and gas. Those are the two […]

IEEFA Puerto Rico: PREPA’s Approved Budget Faces Five Years of Shortfalls

Report Puts Average Annual Budget Deficits at $1 Billion; Privatization Will Compound Risks; Hurdles Include Debt Burden and Costly Dependence on Imported Gas and Oil for Electricity Generation

May 25, 1018 (IEEFA) — A budget review published today by the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis of the approved fiscal-recovery blueprint for the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority (PREPA) concludes that the plan faces billions in financial risks that will hinder the transformation of the grid. The plan, certified in April by […]

IEEFA Report: Advances in Solar Energy Accelerate Global Shift in Electricity Generation

Rapid Cost Deflation, Broad Gains in Scale; Key Momentum in China and India; Crucial Support From International Capital Markets and Tech Giants; Expansion Role Seen for National Governments

May 21, 2018 ( – A report published today by the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis describes how solar energy is accelerating the transformation of the global electricity-generation sector through gains in technology innovation and price deflation. The study—“Solar Is Driving a Global Shift in Energy Markets”—details some of the world’s biggest utility-scale […]


IEEFA Update: New Oil Price Volatility Will Help Drive Transition From Fossil Fuels

U.S. Reversal on Iran Creates Market Disruptions That Affect Consumers, Investors and Whole Countries

Oil prices were already on the rise from strong economic growth, rising demand and OPEC supply cuts when political intervention in the markets via the Trump administration’s decision last week to abandon the Iran nuclear deal sent prices to almost $80 per barrel—or a half a mile from heaven—for Saudi Arabia, Russia, the United Arab […]

IEEFA Update: Modernization Is the Ticket to National Energy Security

Propping Up Outdated Models Is Not in the Country’s Best Interest

Most discussion around the possibility of the federal government invoking the Defense Production Act of 1950 in order to keep failing coal-fired and nuclear electricity plants alive has avoided exploring more sensible policy recommendations. For months, the Trump administration has been floating various proposals aimed at propping up aging plants and their suppliers. All of […]

IEEFA Indonesia: Coal-Centric State Utility Will Likely Raise Rates by 2020

‘New Level of Risk’ Seen in Investing in Outdated Power Generation

May 14, 2018 (IEEFA) — Indonesia’s state-owned utility may raise electricity tariffs to offset its growing costs, concludes an investment-research memo published today by the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis. The memo—“PLN’s Coal IPP Funding Gap Suggests Tariffs Must Rise in 2020”—comes as the utility plans to bring a more than $1 billion debt […]


IEEFA Update: As ExxonMobil Doubles Down on Oil and Gas, Investors Go Elsewhere

A Company With No Plan for a Less Carbon-Intensive World

Even with the recent rebound in oil prices that accelerated after President Trump announced the U.S. would re-impose sanctions against Iran, energy companies no longer dominate the stock market like they once did. In 1980, seven of the ten largest companies in the S&P 500 were oil companies. Today, ExxonMobil is the only remaining oil […]