IEEFA Update: Electricity Auctions Across Major Swaths of U.S. Spell Further Distress for Fading Coal Plants

More Capacity From Gas-Fired Generation and Renewable Sources Creates an Existential Problem for the Old Order

Coal-fired electricity plants across much of the U.S. earn their revenues by selling megawatt hours (MWh) into competitive wholesale capacity markets in the capacity that generation represents in megawatts (MW). The trends in the revenue these plants earn through selling their capacity in periodic auctions are increasingly worrisome for their owners.  Energy market prices have […]

IEEFA Update: Adani’s ‘Go-Ahead’ on Australian Mega-Coal Mine Is a Stunt

‘This Proposal Is Still a Pipe Dream’; Announcement ‘Theatrics’ Mean Little

Commenting on reports that Adani Enterprises Ltd has given the final go-ahead on the Carmichael mine proposal in Australia, Tim Buckley, IEEFA’s director of energy finance studies, Australasia said today: “An internal investment decision for the Carmichael mine is very different to an externally legally binding financial close. This proposal is still a pipe dream.” […]

IEEFA Update: As Australia Fights a Domestic Gas Shortage, New Export Plants Are at Risk of Closure

IEEFA Update: As Australia Fights a Domestic Gas Shortage, New Export Plants Are at Risk of Closure

‘Fiddling Around and Allowing the Cartels to Fleece Consumers’

nJune 5, 2017 ( – The Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis today published a report detailing how a complex of expensive new liquefied natural gas plants on the east coast of Australia are struggling to stay open in the face of a global gas glut. The report—“Australia’s Export LNG Plants at Gladstone: The […]

IEEFA Update: American Isolationism Will Hasten the Asian Century

One Country and One Climate Skeptic Is Not Going to Stop the Global Energy Transition

Donald Trump’s decision to pull the U.S. out of the Paris climate accords is incredibly narrow minded, and short-sighted. It will undermine the U.S. economy and in doing so hurt the working people who voted him in. However, one country and one climate skeptic is not going to stop the global energy transition. India and […]

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IEEFA Update: Pulling Out of the Global Climate-Risk Accord Is Trump’s Biggest Business Blunder Yet

Pursuing Politics Over Economics Is a Dead End

Whatever one thinks of the politics around the Trump administration walking away from the Paris climate accord, it’s a bad business move. By going back on the agreement, the administration is damaging the U.S. economy on several fronts. First, it means the U.S. will be stepping back from a new global era in energy production […]

IEEFA Europe: The Cost of Wind-Powered Electricity Is Dropping

IEEFA Europe: The Cost of Wind-Powered Electricity Is Dropping

Trend in Onshore Pricing in Spanish, German Auctions Follows What’s Happening Offshore as Well

Onshore wind auctions in Spain and Germany last week confirmed the trend in the falling cost of renewables in Europe. The trend is being driven by a shift to auctions that are doing a better job of revealing the true cost of generation than former feed-in tariff schemes. Auctions are capturing real cost reductions in […]

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IEEFA Update: Shareholder Vote on Exxon Mobil’s Climate-Risk Transparency Suggests a Larger Opening

Fiduciaries Who Embrace Their Responsibilities Will Look Beyond Fossil Fuels

A shareholder vote today on a proposal that would require Exxon Mobil to be more open about the climate risks facing the company is an exciting moment in activist-investor history. Mainstream institutional investors are joining with climate activists in a call for more truth in how Exxon Mobil manages—or mismanages—climate risk. Shareholders are asking specifically […]

IEEFA Asia: More Evidence of Stark Change in Seaborne Thermal Coal Markets

A ‘JKT’ Triad—Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan—Sets a 21st Century Course for Clean Energy; Expect Further Transformation in the Next Year or Two

Word out today that Taiwan has attracted $60 billion in foreign capital commitments to renewable-energy projects adds to the fast-gathering momentum around the electricity sector transition taking deep root across Asia. An excerpt from the article posted this afternoon by Nikkei Asia Review: Global renewable energy companies are rushing to set up offshore wind farms […]

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IEEFA Energy-Swamp Watch: Discord Within the Fossil-Fuel Industry Over What to Do Now

Wrangling, and Uncertainty, Over the Paris Agreement on Climate Change

The Washington Energy Swamp is becoming a quagmire as arguments bubble up among coal, oil, and gas interests about whether the U.S. should withdraw from the Paris Agreement on Climate Change. With the Trump administration in power, the fossil-fuel industry now has the keys to the kingdom. Yet its giants appear confused and in disarray. […]

IEEFA Report: State-Owned Utility NTPC Takes a Lead Role in India’s Electricity Transition

IEEFA Report: State-Owned Utility NTPC Takes a Lead Role in India’s Electricity Transition

Country’s Largest Generation Company—Ranked Third Globally in Coal-Fired Capacity and Seventh in Generation—Emerges as Key Supporter of Government’s Renewable-Energy Initiative

May 25, 2017 ( — The state-owned Indian utility NTPC is playing a key role in India’s push toward retooling its electricity-generation system, according to a new report by the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA). The report—“NTPC as a Force in India’s Electricity Transition: Leading the Way Toward a New Energy Economy”—details how […]