IEEFA Puerto Rico: PREPA privatization means crushingly high electric rates

“Nonpolitical” plan is poorly regulated and likely means more corrupt contracts

The Puerto Rican government is moving full-steam ahead with a series of privatization contracts for the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority (PREPA) that are likely to lock customers into even more expensive electric rates than they currently pay. Instead of taking this opportunity to make electricity affordable and resilient, the government plan will tie the […]

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IEEFA report: Privatizing the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority is not the answer

PREPA plan will raise rates while missing opportunity for renewables and dampening economic recovery prospects

Puerto Rico’s electricity consumers will pay unreasonably high rates if plans to privatize the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority (PREPA) move forward. The IEEFA analysis, “PREPA Privatization Will Hurt Consumers and Slow Economic Recovery”, recommends reforming the public model as more reliable, affordable, and sustainable both financially and environmentally. If the proposed privatization model is […]

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IEEFA Arizona: 10 follow-up questions for the Navajo Transitional Energy Company

Who runs the company, will Navajo Nation be left holding the bag, how many jobs will be lost, and will employee benefits be eliminated?

As the Navajo Transitional Energy Company presses forward with its proposition to acquire the failing Navajo Generating Station (NGS) and its supplier, the Peabody Energy-owned Kayenta Mine, concerns persist about the substance of the proposal and the liabilities that would come with it. While NTEC’s general counsel, Bernard Masters, revealed some fresh details yesterday before […]

IEEFA Australia: Minerals Council report overstates foreign market’s thermal coal import needs to 2030

Forecast is based on unrealistic estimates India's coal consumption

January 30, 2019 (IEEFA Sydney)—Representing a critical risk for Australian thermal coal exports, an analysis of the Mineral Council of Australia’s recent report methodology shows Australia’s ambition for India as a huge growth export market is both unrealistic and systematically overstates India’s future need for imported coal. In June 2018 The Minerals Council of Australia […]

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IEEFA report: The vanishing case for the Atlantic Coast Pipeline

Declining demand and more affordable renewables raise new questions about viability

January 29, 2019 (IEEFA) — Diminishing consumer demand coupled with more affordable renewables are casting doubt on the overall feasibility and potential profitability of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline, according to a report released today by the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA) and Oil Change International. The report, The Vanishing Need for the Atlantic […]

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IEEFA update: South African coal exports face long-term decline

Weaker 2018 exports are a sign of things to come

SYDNEY–In 2018, coal exports out of Richards Bay Coal Terminal (RBCT), South Africa’s main coal export port, declined 4% to 73.5 million tonnes (Mt). According to RBCT CEO Alan Waller, the decline was not due to operational issues but a matter of weaker global demand. This decline occurred despite the main off-taker of South African […]

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IEEFA India: New record with renewable energy installations 40 times higher than thermal

India experienced a doubling of installed renewable capacity in less than three years

SYDNEY–During the first nine months of 2018/19 renewable energy capacity was installed at a rate forty times higher than net new thermal capacity in India. At this juncture certain adjectives come to mind, including historic, unprecedented, transformational, problematic and unsustainable. This post aims to detail what has changed in India, and why all of these […]

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IEEFA U.S.: The federal government’s updated electricity-generation forecast seems already outdated

A more reality-based outlook than before, but still behind the curve

The Energy Information Administration’s release this week of its Annual Energy Outlook includes indications that the agency is beginning to incorporate rapid price renewables-sector declines into its market modelling. But the outlook—like those at the agency that have come before it—still appears out of touch with structural declines in coal and, notably, not very well […]

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IEEFA U.S.: The gathering solar wave

Sleeping giant of a market is waking up

Announcing last week that it would create the largest regulated utility-scale solar footprint in the world, Florida Power & Light signaled its intentions to nudge the Sunshine State away from its ironically dubious reputation as a renewable-energy laggard. The initiative will add 30 million solar panels, five times the state’s current solar capacity, easing its […]

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IEEFA China: Lender of last resort for coal plants

Continued support for coal power across Asia erodes China’s clean energy leadership

January 22, 2019 (IEEFA Hong Kong): While financial institutions around the world are moving away from coal to limit exposure to increasing stranded asset risks, a new report by the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis finds global renewable energy champion China is simultaneously funding over one-quarter of coal plants currently under development outside […]

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