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China disqualifies ‘clean coal’ technology from green bond funding

Environmental Finance: China will axe ‘clean coal’ from its green bond guidelines, in a move that will see its definition of green align more closely with the Climate Bond Standards and the consensus of opinions in the West. Geoffrey Choi, financial services assurance leader for the Asia Pacific region at EY, said at the Asian […]

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‘Clean coal’ projects not so clean after all, analysis finds

Reuters: Champions of coal say the superabundant fossil fuel can be made environmentally friendlier by refining it with chemicals – a “clean coal” technology backed by a billion dollars in U.S. government tax subsidies annually. But refined coal has a dirty secret. It regularly fails to deliver on its environmental promises, as electric giant Duke […]

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EU review shows carbon capture R&D funding failed

Quartz: In a report to be published later today, the European Court of Auditors will say that the EU spent more than €424 million ($486 million) over the past decade fruitlessly trying to establish carbon-capture technology. The EU considers the technology crucial to hit its climate goals, which will require the union’s member states to […]

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Plug Pulled on Long-Delayed Clean Coal Project In Australia

The Sydney Morning-Herald: The last of a long list of government-backed “clean coal” projects has fallen over, with the Andrews government reluctantly confirming the end of a $90 million program announced amid much fanfare six years ago. After days of pressing by The Age, Treasurer Tim Pallas’ department issued a statement announcing the conclusion of the […]

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IEEFA Arizona: Perilous Talk of Turning Navajo Generating Station Into a ‘Clean Coal’ Plant

IEEFA Arizona: Perilous Talk of Turning Navajo Generating Station Into a ‘Clean Coal’ Plant

Cautionary Tales from Illinois, Indiana, and Mississippi

The history of coal-gasification experimentation for electricity production doesn’t bode very well for further efforts along those lines. In fact, it serves as a warning, specifically for stakeholders in a well-known aging coal-fired plant now being talked about in some circles as a candidate for just such an experiment. That supposed contender for coal gasification […]

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‘How America’s Clean Coal Dream Unraveled’

The Guardian: Kemper, its managers claimed, would harness dirt-cheap lignite coal – the world’s least efficient and most abundant form of coal – to power homes and businesses in America’s lowest-income state while causing the least climate-changing pollution of any fossil fuel. It was a promise they wouldn’t keep. Last summer the plant’s owner, Southern […]

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Better Ways to Spend $100 Million in Taxpayer Dollars Than on Another ‘Clean Coal’ Experiment

The Hill: The Department of Energy has a new request for proposals (RFP) out for ideas on how to spend $100 million in federal money on “transformational coal technologies.” There’s a hurry-up-and-apply quality to the RFP, which has a deadline of Oct. 19. We think it is a transparent effort by Peabody Energy to get […]

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Layoffs at Mine That Supplied Costly Kemper ‘Clean Coal’ Experiment

Associated Press: The company that supplies lignite coal to Mississippi Power Co.’s Kemper County power plant says it will lay off 75 workers at the mine. It’s the latest fallout from the suspending the part of the plant that was supposed to gasify coal and remove pollutants. Mississippi Power has said it could lay off […]

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White House Talks Up ‘Clean Coal’ While Simultaneously Undermining It

Time Magazine: Also called carbon capture and storage, clean coal involves taking carbon dioxide emissions from power plants and either storing them underground or using them for another purpose, like oil and gas extraction. The “storage” aspect keeps the emissions from contributing to man-made climate change. Trump’s budget proposal, released in May, would slash the […]

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IEEFA Update: The Truths Not Everybody Wants to Hear

The Wind Industry Is Creating Jobs; ‘Clean Coal’ Is a Myth; Change Is Happening Now

Wyoming doesn’t have much of a wind-energy workforce. But isn’t that a good problem to have? It means that as the state’s budding wind industry is creating jobs, bringing new money is coming into a struggling region, and offering some much-need diversification to a longtime one- or two-note economy. What it doesn’t mean is that […]

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