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IEEFA Update: Will Southern Company Refund Mississippi Ratepayers for Failed $7.5 Billion Kemper ‘Clean Coal’ Experiment?

IEEFA Update: Will Southern Company Refund Mississippi Ratepayers for Failed $7.5 Billion Kemper ‘Clean Coal’ Experiment?

Red Flags Ignored in Long Run-up to Power Plant Debacle

Call it what you will: fiasco, debacle, calamity, misadventure. But not a surprise. Georgia-based Southern Company and its regulators in Mississippi were warned years ago that the experimental and now infamous “clean coal” Kemper power plant project was a shot in the dark. They kept at it anyway, pushing the price tag to $7.5 billion, […]

Regulators Acknowledge Failure of $7.5 Billion Kemper ‘Clean Coal’ Experiment

Bloomberg News: A first-of-its-kind “clean coal” power plant that utility owner Southern Co. spent years constructing in Mississippi may end up burning no coal at all — and instead just run like a natural gas generator. After years of delays and billions of dollars in cost overruns, Mississippi regulators on Wednesday called on Southern to […]

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New York Investors Say They Are Planning an $80 Million ‘Clean Coal’ Plant in Wyoming

Casper Start Tribune: A group of investors plans to raise $80 million to build a coal treatment facility in the Powder River Basin that they say would increase the value of local coal. The idea to treat and dry Powder River Basin coal so that it burns hotter and increases in value has been around […]

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On the Blogs: Marquee U.S. Clean Coal Project Continues to Struggle The first attempt at building a “clean coal” power plant that captures its carbon dioxide before being burned is struggling to get up and running in Mississippi, as the Trump administration plans to sharply cut back funding for the technology. Mississippi Power’s Kemper power plant is designed to allow the continued use of cheap […]

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Prosecutors Seek 3-Year Prison Sentence in Multimillion-Dollar Clean-Coal Fraud

Gillette (Wyo.) News Record: Describing the crime as “calculated” and “driven by greed,” prosecutors have asked a federal judge to sentence Two Elk developer Michael J. Ruffatto to a minimum of three years in prison for falsely billing millions of dollars to a federal energy research project in Wyoming and then using the money on […]

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On the Blogs: Trump, After Campaigning on the Wonder of Clean Coal, Cuts Clean Coal Development by 85% When signing his March executive order to revise the Clean Power Plan, an Obama-era policy measure to limit power plant carbon emissions, President Trump promised coal miners in attendance, “My administration is putting an end to the war on coal. We’re going to have clean coal, really clean coal.” Released Tuesday, Trump’s 2018 budget […]

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Another Delay at Kemper ‘Clean Coal’ Project, Another $38 Million

Jackson (Miss.) Clarion Ledger: Mississippi Power Co. is again delaying completion for its $7.3 billion Kemper County power plant. The subsidiary of Atlanta-based Southern Co. says it still can’t reliably run parts of the plant, including units that convert lignite coal into gas. Southern said in a stock filing Monday that it’s pushing back completion […]

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Southern Co. Investors Question Executive Bonuses as Flagship Kemper ‘Clean Coal’ Plant Disappoints

Dow Jones: Several public pension funds and a foundation issued an open letter Monday to Southern Co. criticizing executive compensation at the Georgia-based utility and urging shareholders to vote against two board members because of the issue. The investors, including the California State Teachers’ Retirement System and the Nathan Cummings Foundation, argue executives are being […]

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Industry Intensifies U.S. ‘Clean Coal’ Campaign

SNL: A broad coalition of energy industry leaders are urging President Donald Trump and Congress to include carbon capture and sequestration projects and CO2 pipelines in a national infrastructure initiative. “The expansion of carbon capture from industrial facilities and power plants can enable use of America’s abundant coal, oil and natural gas resources while reducing […]

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More Fallout Over Kemper ‘Clean Coal’ Project

Biloxi Sun Herald: Moody’s Investors Service on Wednesday downgraded Mississippi Power’s ratings, saying the action in part reflects the expected battle the company will have to wage to recover its costs for “the increasingly uneconomic Kemper integrated gasification combined cycle plant.” The downgrade is on approximately $800 million of debt securities. Moody’s began the rating […]

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