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IEEFA update: Indonesia hits the reset button on PLN’s expansion plans

IEEFA update: Indonesia hits the reset button on PLN’s expansion plans

Putting the brakes on a runaway state-owned utility

Currency crises can bring hard truths into focus. That’s the lesson that the many parties who have been feeding off of Indonesia’s power sector expansion must be considering after the announcement earlier this month that 13,374[1] megawatts (MW) of planned new power capacity would be delayed. This cannot have come as a surprise. The warning […]

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IEEFA op-ed: Colorado’s pension fund shouldn’t bank on the future of oil and gas

Past performance is no guarantee of future success

By adopting a fossil-free portfolio strategy as has been urged, the Public Employees Retirement Association of Colorado would be doing right by its 560,000 members, ensuring steadier investment returns as the oil and gas industry faces continued uncertainty and decline. In a paper commissioned by the Independent Petroleum Association of America, an anti-divestment consultant and […]

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IEEFA update: A perilous rush toward natural gas dependency in Puerto Rico

Reliance on imported fuel is not in the public’s best energy-security interest

IEEFA is urging the Financial Oversight and Management Board (FOMB) of Puerto Rico to halt the rush to natural gas infrastructure development in Puerto Rico. We’ve sent an open letter to board members warning this ill-advised strategy after recent news reports of PREPA discussions around potential new liquefied natural gas import terminals—at San Juan, Mayaguez […]

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Florence undercuts coal, nuclear bailout plans

The Washington Post: Hurricane Florence has blown a hole in the Trump administration’s argument that bolstering nuclear and coal-fired power is essential to providing reliable electricity to homes and businesses, especially during times of crisis, according to energy experts long critical of the plan. For months, the Department of Energy has considered throwing a lifeline […]

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New Jersey begins bidding process for 1.1GW of offshore wind

The Press of Atlantic City: The state Board of Public Utilities voted unanimously Monday to open a bid process Sept. 20 for the nation’s largest solicitation of offshore wind energy. Companies will compete for ratepayer subsidy of construction costs and 20 years of operation costs for 1,100 megawatts of electric generation capacity, according to the […]

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Report: Marubeni moving away from coal industry

Renew Economy: Japanese energy giant Marubeni Corp has revealed plans to halve its ownership of coal-fired power plants by 2030, and withdraw completely from the coal plant building business, in what industry watchers are describing as the latest and strongest confirmation of a global transition to renewables. The sudden strategic pivot by Marubeni – renowned […]

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China plans reductions in solar, wind subsidies

Reuters: China will speed up efforts to ensure its wind and solar power sectors can compete without subsidies and achieve “grid price parity” with traditional energy sources like coal, according to new draft guidelines issued by the energy regulator. As it tries to ease its dependence on polluting fossil fuels, China has encouraged renewable manufacturers […]

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U.K. tops 20GW of installed wind capacity

Renewables Now: The U.K. has crossed the 20-GW mark for wind power capacity after the opening of the 659-MW Walney Extension offshore wind farm, RenewableUK said today. Denmark’s Ørsted A/S inaugurated the Walney Extension project in the Irish Sea earlier this month. It is now the world’s largest operational offshore wind farm, leapfrogging the 630-MW […]

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Renewable generation hits record level in Australia

The Sydney Morning Herald: Renewable energy supplied more than a quarter of the National Electricity Market last month amid windy weather and a “tsunami of new wind and solar projects” reaching completion, The Australia Institute said. The progressive think tank’s latest energy and emission audit found renewables including hydro and rooftop solar generated a record […]

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IEEFA update: Rampant political hiring at PREPA only makes matters worse

Too many ‘empleados de confianza’ at the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority

The Kobre & Kim report on Puerto Rico’s debt crisis shines a light on the corrosive impact of political hiring at various governmental agencies on the island, including at its public electric utility. By subsuming competent management to the rough and tumble of political interference in government decision-making and operations, Puerto Rico’s leaders have created […]

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