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Wind, solar and battery storage linked in first-of-a-kind Oregon project

Electrek: A new energy facility in eastern Oregon will be the first of its kind in the U.S., combining wind power, solar power, and battery storage on a large-scale. Portland General Electric and NextEra Energy Resources announced plans for the Wheatridge Renewable Energy Facility today. The new facility will combine 300 megawatts of wind generation, […]

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IEEFA U.S.: A sea change in American offshore wind

IEEFA U.S.: A sea change in American offshore wind

Up and down the East Coast, initiatives to develop a massive and largely untapped market

The big lease sales ($405 million) last month in coastal waters off Massachusetts for three federally owned tracts that didn’t sell at an auction in 2015 signal a sea change in how U.S. offshore wind generation potential is now perceived. The winners of that auction, who emerged after 32 rounds of bidding over two days, […]

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IEEFA U.S.: A rough week for the American coal industry

Momentum around declining consumption numbers, utility-company policy, export markets and internal assessments

The economic problems facing the U.S. coal industry have been on manifest display this week. On Tuesday morning, the federal Energy Information Administration reported that coal use in the U.S. is on track to fall to its lowest level since 1979, and that by year’s end consumption will be 44% below the 2007 peak of […]

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Facebook plans 437 MW of solar to power Oregon data centers

Associated Press: Facebook and Pacific Power said Wednesday they are teaming up to construct solar projects that will produce enough power to offset what the social media giant consumes at its data centers in Prineville, Oregon. The solar projects—two near Prineville and four in Utah—will generate 437 megawatts of power when completed by the end […]

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Sierra Club seeks public disclosure of PacifiCorp coal plant study

Portland Business Journal: The Sierra Club on Monday formally asked Oregon utility regulators to require PacifiCorp to divulge results of a company analysis into the economics of its coal power plants. The environmental group is pushing for earlier coal retirements than PacifiCorp plans, and suspects the study could make its case. A PUC order allows […]

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Oregon Regulators Approve ‘Super-Sized’ Wind Turbines

Portland Business Journal: Regulators have cleared Apple’s Oregon wind power project to use the biggest turbines ever deployed in the Pacific Northwest. Project developer Avangrid Renewables said it hasn’t made a final decision on the machines it will use at the Montague Wind Power Facility, but regulators last week granted a site-certificate amendment that allows […]

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Op-Ed: A Road to Nowhere

Seattle Times: The reality is that the economic prospects for West Coast coal exports have collapsed. China’s demand for coal, which once seemed limitless, has been falling for three consecutive years. India’s coal imports fell last year and are projected to drop even further as the country increasingly taps domestic coal reserves to fuel its […]

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State Report Encourages Enactment of a Cap-and-Trade Program in Oregon

Peter Danko for Portland Business Journal: Depending on exactly how it is designed, a program in Oregon could place new emissions restrictions on around 100 big carbon emitters in Oregon — several Metro area tech companies, including Intel, among them. But the effects on statewide economic output would likely be small, coming in at “slightly […]

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Company Drops Plans for Coal-Export Dock in Oregon

From the Associated Press: An energy company has scrapped plans to build a coal dock on the Columbia River in eastern Oregon. The East Oregonian reports that the proposed Coyote Island Terminal at the Port of Morrow in Boardman would have shipped 8 million tons of coal down the river each year for export to […]

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Both Promoters and Opponents Sense a Pulse in Dormant Gateway Pacific Coal-Export Project

Christopher Coats for SNL: Months after federal and Washington state officials effectively halted progress on the proposed Gateway Pacific coal export terminal, project backers have moved to ensure that they can return to the project at a later date, while opponents are moving to halt it completely with an expansion of state protection. The proposed […]

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