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Memo- Duke Energy and Costs of Coal Ash Cleanup

Memo- Duke Energy and Costs of Coal Ash Cleanup

Memo on Duke Energy and Costs of Coal Ash Cleanup (pdf)

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Duke Wants Customers to Pay $200 Million For Coal Ash Clean-Up

Emery P. Dalesio for the Associated Press:  The nation’s largest electric company wants regulators in North Carolina to force consumers to pay nearly $200 million a year to clean up the toxic byproducts of burning coal to generate power. That doesn’t sit well with neighbors of the power plants who have been living on bottled […]

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North Carolina Coal-Fired Plant Will Close

Rocky Mount (N.C). Telegram: Jason McGovern, a spokesperson for PJM Interconnection, a regional transmission organization that coordinates the movement of wholesale electricity in several states, including North Carolina, said the 116-megawatt Edgecombe Genco coal-fired power plant on 6358 Old Battleboro Road, will be shutting down. The power plant has been called Edgecombe Genco since 2006, […]

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Duke Energy CEO: Presidents Come, Presidents Go (‘the Only Person Running Duke Energy for 2025, 2030 and 2035 is Duke Energy’)

Charlotte Business Journal: Duke Energy CEO Lynn Good says despite talk of “reviving the coal industry” in the Trump administration, coal remains economically and environmentally challenged — and Duke won’t change its move away from the fuel. “We have to look through the changes of administration, the changes in politics and set our vision on […]

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On the Blogs: Signs of Cracks in Status-Quo Opposition to Wind Power in Southeast U.S.

InsideClimate News: “Once you see, hear and feel these machines, and are able to get a sense of how well they integrate into an agricultural landscape, it is hard to have too much negative to say,” Kollins said. In the case of these legislators, she turned out to be right. After the tour, House Speaker […]

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U.S. Nuclear Industry in Doubt as Projects Falter in Georgia and North Carolina

E&E EnergyWire: The chairman of Georgia’s utility regulators said yesterday he hopes Southern Co. finishes two half-built nuclear reactors amid the parent of the project’s main contractor signaling financial ruin. “It just seems to be the most obvious conclusion where a completely functional nuclear plant for the next 60, 70, 80 years is the best […]

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Poll: 83.8% of North Carolinas Oppose Duke Energy Charging Ratepayers for Coal-Ash Cleanup; 83.2% Favor Politicians Who Support Renewables

Charlotte Business Journal: Duke Energy gets bad news in a new poll on N.C. voter attitudes on energy: Three-quarters of voters surveyed are concerned about Duke’s coal-ash ponds and 83.8% say Duke itself should pay for cleaning them up and not charge customers. And 67.5% of voters surveyed in a poll commissioned by Conservatives for […]

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Study: Duke Energy Resistance to Clean Energy Costs Ratepayers in North and South Carolina $10 Billion

Southeast Energy News: Ratepayers in the Carolinas could save nearly $10 billion if Duke Energy increased solar power sixfold, shuttered coal plants ahead of schedule, and abandoned goals for a new nuclear plant, a new report shows. Clean energy advocates who commissioned the research from Daymark Energy Advisors say it’s a game-changer in the perennial […]

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Protests Against Virginia Pipeline

The Roanoke Daily Herald: Setting off from the Virginia-North Carolina state line, activists marched south Saturday afternoon to protest the proposed natural gas pipeline. The North Carolina Alliance to Protect Our People And The Places We Live, or APPPL, organized a walk along the proposed 205 mile route of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline in North […]

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Editorial: How the Wind Industry Is Energizing North Carolina’s Economy

From the Raleigh News & Observer: When the Wright Brothers’ plane rose with the wind near Kitty Hawk in 1903 it was little noted immediately. Another wind-related event in Eastern North Carolina may one day also be seen as a quiet but transformational technological event. In early February, North Carolina’s first wind farm began full […]

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In New Focus on Green Energy, North Carolina Drops Opposition to Federal Clean Power Plan

From SNL: North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality Secretary Michael Regan explained the state’s reasoning for discontinuing its participation in the lawsuit. “We are working to assess our agency and its challenges so we can better position ourselves to meet our greatest priorities going forward,” Regan said. “We feel that pursuing this potentially expensive legal […]

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