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IEEFA Research Brief: Coal in Decline, Blow by Blow

IEEFA Research Brief: Coal in Decline, Blow by Blow

Plant Closings and the Likely Effects on Specific Companies and Mines

We’ve published a research brief today that presents an expansive snapshot of a moving target: the decline in U.S. coal-fired generation nationally. As global energy markets continue to undergo rapid transformation, change has swept the U.S. as well. Our brief—“U.S. Coal Phase-out, Blow by Blow: Plant Closings and the Likely Corresponding Effect on Specific Companies […]

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IEEFA U.S.: 5 ways utilities are driving the rapid expansion of solar-plus-storage

Technology gains pose a major threat to baseload power providers

The utility industry, broadly speaking, has a checkered history on renewable energy development, often having fought state renewable energy portfolio standards, curtailed residential net energy metering for solar and brought into question the reliability of wind and solar. But a new dynamic is at play now, especially around solar-plus-storage projects. Here, sharp and continued price […]

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Study finds plenty of brownfield sites in Nevada to host green energy

Las Vegas Review-Journal: Nevada could meet the new clean energy benchmark approved by voters Tuesday without tearing up any undisturbed land, according to an analysis by The Nature Conservancy and the Rocky Mountain Institute. The Silver State is home to more than enough old mines and other former industrial sites to accommodate the new solar, […]

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Developer plans major PV plus battery storage project in Nevada

Bloomberg: A $1 billion solar project near Las Vegas may help light up the Strip and other parts of Nevada, California and Arizona as early as 2020. The proposed Gemini solar project would be one of the largest in the western U.S., located on almost 44,000 acres of federal land about 25 miles (40 kilometers) […]

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Nevada to vote on 50% renewable standard in November

Las Vegas Review-Journal: Nevadans will be able to decide if they want to up the state’s renewable energy production after the initiative was officially qualified for the November ballot on Wednesday. Nevadans for a Clean Energy Future last month submitted more than twice the needed to make it onto the ballot. On Wednesday, the secretary […]

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Nevada to vote on 50% renewable energy requirement

PV Magazine: If at first you don’t succeed, go directly to the people. More than eight months after Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval (R) vetoed a bill that would have increased Nevada’s renewable energy mandate to 40% by 2030, clean energy advocates have succeeded in getting enough signatures to bring an even more ambitious mandate directly […]

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Nevada Electric Company Goes Big on New Solar, Storage Projects

Greentech Media: NV Energy announced Thursday it has contracted for more than 1 gigawatt of new solar energy and 100 megawatts of battery energy capacity, in a resource plan that’s still subject to regulatory approval and hinges on the outcome of a high-profile ballot measure. The utility signed power purchase agreements for six new solar […]

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As Wind and Solar Prices Drop, Some States Push to Expand Renewable Energy Mandates

Utility Dive: In the beginning, renewable portfolio standards drove the renewable energy market. While its role has diminished somewhat as wind and solar, especially, have become cost-competitive, a handful of states are still expanding these mandates for more ambitious targets. The proposed mandates themselves fit squarely within a trend of states expanding these standards. California, […]

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As Trump Looks the Other Way, U.S. Solar Surges

Washington Post: You may have missed the fact that exactly one week ago two major solar power plants, with a combined generating capacity of 179 megawatts, shifted into commercial operation on Bureau of Land Management property in southern Nevada. It’s totally understandable, since the Interior Department didn’t even issue a news release (although its Nevada […]

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Op-Ed: Politicians Against the Sun

CNBC: Politicians influenced by fossil fuel and utility companies are working feverishly to stifle renewable energy growth. In 2015, Nevada lawmakers passed a bill that allowed utilities to charge rooftop solar customers extra. The state’s solar industry was effectively frozen as a result. Within a month three major solar companies, SolarCity, Sunrun and Vivint, announced […]

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Solar Energy Progress in Nevada May Be a Harbinger for Other States

High Country News: Near the end of 2005, Louise Helton had one of those life-changing moments that usually only happen in Hollywood movies. Friends had invited her to join Nevada movers and shakers in an ostentatiously decorated Las Vegas casino ballroom to hear former President Bill Clinton speak. He challenged the audience to diversify the […]

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