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Idaho Power executive says company on ‘glide path away from coal’

Idaho Press: Idaho Power’s energy profile has gotten cleaner and more renewable-based over the past 10 years, a shift rooted in a mix of legal requirements and economic factors. Idaho Power’s use of coal has declined considerably over the past decade. In 2008, 46.1 percent of Idaho Power’s energy came from coal. In 2017, the […]

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IEEFA U.S.: A rough week for the American coal industry

Momentum around declining consumption numbers, utility-company policy, export markets and internal assessments

The economic problems facing the U.S. coal industry have been on manifest display this week. On Tuesday morning, the federal Energy Information Administration reported that coal use in the U.S. is on track to fall to its lowest level since 1979, and that by year’s end consumption will be 44% below the 2007 peak of […]

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Iowa Governor: Our Red State Has a Proven Blueprint for the Transition to Wind-Powered Electricity

The Hill: Back in the 1980s, we enacted the nation’s first law incentivizing utilities that bought more renewable power. That began decades of innovation and investment in Iowa’s energy sector. Fast forward to today where we’re now reaping the rewards: low-cost electricity, new jobs and support for rural communities. Last year, nearly 37 percent of […]

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U.S. Mountain States Are Shifting from Coal to Gas and Renewables

Tom DiChristopher for CNBC: The U.S. Mountain States are moving away from coal, even as President-elect Donald Trump vows to revive the embattled industry. Western states — a stronghold for coal consumption — are increasingly using natural gas and renewable energy for their electricity. The switch puts pressure on miners in Wyoming, the country’s biggest […]

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