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As Wind and Solar Prices Drop, Some States Push to Expand Renewable Energy Mandates

Utility Dive: In the beginning, renewable portfolio standards drove the renewable energy market. While its role has diminished somewhat as wind and solar, especially, have become cost-competitive, a handful of states are still expanding these mandates for more ambitious targets. The proposed mandates themselves fit squarely within a trend of states expanding these standards. California, […]

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Advances in Electricity-Storage Technology

Utility Dive: 2017 could go down as the year regulated utilities took the lead in energy storage. Several of the most notable energy storage projects this year were done by or for regulated utilities. And that momentum will likely carry into 2018 as well, Tim Gretjak, an analyst at Lux Research, told Utility Dive. In […]

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On the Blogs: Wind and Solar Have Gone Mainstream

Daniel Fleischmann for Renewable Energy World: Let’s consider wind, solar, and geothermal energy. In 1999, only 10 states generated a measurable amount of electricity from at least one of those three sources (i.e., at least one GWh, or enough to power 1,000 U.S. homes for a year). By 2015, every state generated a measurable amount […]

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Skeptical of NextEra’s Intentions, Hawaii Rejects Utility Takeover

Mark Chediak for Bloomberg News: Analysts had been skeptical about the Hawaiian Electric takeover gaining state approval given that Governor David Ige, a Democrat, had questioned NextEra’s commitment to the state’s goal of reaching 100 percent renewable power by 2045. On June 29, Ige appointed Thomas Gorak as commissioner, whom analysts said could be more […]

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Elimination of Net Metering for New Customers in Hawaii Slows Down Solar Growth

By Jeff Stanfield: The Hawaii Solar Energy Association has issued a gloomy outlook as solar workers lose jobs, construction permit numbers slump and negative policy decisions cloud the future. Last October, the Hawaii Public Utilities Commission ordered the elimination of net energy metering for new solar customers of Hawaiian Electric Industries Inc. utilities. By March 31, nearly three quarters of […]

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WSJ: Utility Industry Ratchets Up Its War on Solar

Many U.S. states are considering dialing back solar-power incentives amid growing pressure from local electric utilities, potentially dealing a blow to the companies that install home solar systems around the country. More than 900,000 homes across the U.S. are equipped with solar panels, with most of those homeowners able to sell any excess electricity their […]

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Oregon Enacts Coal-Generation Phase-Out

Kristena Hansen for the Seattle Times: With the stroke of Gov. Kate Brown’s signature Friday, Oregon became the first state to eradicate coal from its power supply through legislation and now boasts some of the most stringent demands for renewable energy among its state peers. The new law will wipe out coal-generated energy in phases […]

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U.S. Wind Industry Reports Most Installations in Three Years

Ashleigh Cotting for SNL: Wind installations in the United States totaled 4,420 MW during fourth quarter 2015, making it the best quarter for the industry since fourth quarter 2012. Fourth-quarter installations accounted for 53% of all new wind capacity brought online in 2015. Texas and Oklahoma combined for nearly half of the installed capacity, totaling […]

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Hawaii Consumer Advocate Office Continues to Oppose Utility Merger

The Hawaii Consumer Advocate, which is taking part in the regulatory review of NextEra Energy Inc.’s proposed $4.3 billion acquisition of Hawaiian Electric Co., reiterated its opposition to the deal, according to public documents. In its pre-hearing brief filed with the Hawaii Public Utilities Commission this week, the Consumer Advocate, which has been opposed to […]

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NextEra’s Takeover in Hawaii Is in Doubt

Kathryn Mykleseth for the Honolulu Star Advertiser: Approval of the application looks more doubtful than before since Gov. David Ige, as well as every state agency involved in the PUC review process outside of the final decision-maker, has come out in opposition of the $4.3 billion deal. The state consumer advocate said Monday that the […]

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