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IEEFA Asia: A Better Way Forward for Electrification in Bangladesh

IEEFA Asia: A Better Way Forward for Electrification in Bangladesh

We See a Viable and Sensible Renewables Path to Rapid Eradication of Energy Poverty and to Improvements in Health and Education

We’ve just published a report that outlines a highly feasible and more cost-effective alternative to expand electrification in Bangladesh than what the Bangladesh government has in mind. Our blueprint—“Bangladesh Electricity Transition: A Diverse, Secure and Deflationary Way Forward”—outlines an expansion that would be cheaper, cleaner and provide more national energy security. Our research models an […]

A Step Backward for Bangladesh

A Step Backward for Bangladesh

Rampal Power Project: Fraught With Unacceptable Risk and Out of Step With the Times

We’ve published a report today that explains how the proposed coal-fired Rampal Power Plant in southwest Bangladesh would drive up electricity rates, cost far more than its promoters say, and put investors and consumers at a myriad of risks. Our report, “Risky and Over-Subsidized: A Financial Analysis of the Rampal Power Plant,” outlines why the […]

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Bangladesh Project Seen as Prime Example of Failing Nuclear Industry

Prothom Alo: Bangladesh sees Rooppur as a way of diversifying its electricity generation mix, thereby increasing energy security. It has a planned completion date in 2024. There is considerable doubt as to whether the current US$12.65 billion budget will represent the final bill. Russia, which is providing a loan covering most of the cost of […]

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IEEFA Update: A Sense of Desperation in Global Coal-Expansion Campaigns

Investors Grow Wary of Reputational, Regulatory and Return Risk

Coal apologists the world over like to cite spurious “facts” to support their argument for new investments in coal projects. A commonly heard theme: We need more coal because it’s cheap. In Australia, the government’s chief scientist’s call for a national “clean energy target” has set off a wave of highly dubious claims about coal […]

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Energy Choices in Bangladesh: Renewable Energy or Projects Abandoned by Other Countries?

NTVOnline: Dhaka: Member secretary of the National Committee to Protect Oil-Gas, Mineral Resources and Power-Port Professor Anu Mohammad has said that the government`s current energy master plan and policy is leading the country down a wrong path. “The current plan and policy is in no way acceptable to the people as it was prepared to serve […]

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IEEFA Asia: Bangladesh Can Transition Its Energy Markets Onto a  Lower-Cost, Sustainable Pathway

IEEFA Asia: Bangladesh Can Transition Its Energy Markets Onto a Lower-Cost, Sustainable Pathway

Developments in China, Germany, and India Are Paving the Way for Countries Across the Globe; Bangladesh Does Not Have to Depend on Risky Fossil Fuels to Sustain Growth

July 10, 2017 ( – The Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis said today that the ongoing electricity transformation now occurring globally has significant implications and opportunities for Bangladesh. With the economy and hence electricity generation/grid system set to double this coming decade, Bangladesh has the opportunity to reorient the foundations for sustained growth. […]


IEEFA Update: Signs in Bangladesh of a Budding Electricity-Sector Transition

Delays in Coal-Fired Plant Construction; Material Progress Toward Utility-Scale Solar Generation

Bangladesh’s latest national power-development update shows a small but notable shift under way: Construction of new coal-fired power plants is being delayed while a nascent solar industry begins to take root. The country nonetheless remains perilously dependent on fossil-fuel imports and has yet to truly embrace adoption of renewable energy on a scale that would […]

Clashes in Bangladesh Over New Coal Plant

From Reuters: Police used tear gas and water cannons on Thursday to disperse demonstrators protesting against a coal-fired power plant they say will damage ecologically sensitive mangrove forest and disrupt the lives of thousands. UNESCO last year sought the relocation of the 1320MW power plant from the 742-hectare site where it is being built, saying […]

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IEEFA Update: Renewable Energy, Gone Mainstream, Is a Rising Tide

IEEFA Update: Renewable Energy, Gone Mainstream, Is a Rising Tide

As Chinese Companies Lead the Charge, Others Will Join. Might the U.S. Miss the Boat?

If the U.S. turns away from the rise of renewable energy, it will be fighting a tide on which others will ride high. Leading the surge will be China, which already has a huge advantage in its current position at the front of the pack, as IEEFA chronicled last week in a report by Tim […]

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On the Blogs: Fierce Pushback in Bangladesh on Questionable Coal Project

Keith Schneider for Circle of Blue: In 2010, when Bangladesh drew up its Power Sector Master Plan to develop thousands of new megawatts of coal-fired electricity, the government also bought 742 hectares (1,834 acres) of bottomland along the Passur River. At the time, the aggressive master plan and the flood-prone parcel, about 300 kilometers (190 […]

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Overlooked Opportunities in Bangladesh Renewables

From the (Dhaka) Financial Express: Bangladesh’s economy has been growing steadily at over 6per cent, making it one of the steady high performers among large countries. This growth is intimately tied to energy supply, but in a country of 161 million, only about 65 per cent have access to electricity, which is itself a significant […]

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Risk in Doubling Fossil-Fuel Electricity Generation in Bangladesh

Tom Kenning for PVTech: Bangladesh plans to double fossil fuel generation capacity to 24GW by 2021, but the dangers of dependence on conventional energy generation can be avoided through energy imports and solar, according to a new report from the Institute of Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA). The Asian country is one of the […]

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